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   Chapter 746 My Sun

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The shrink carefully crafted her questions, guiding Blair patiently through her feelings so she could get past that dark time. Blair sprang up from the couch. "I think I'm wasting my time here."

"Blair," the shrink prompted gently.

Blair stood there nervously, looking at her.

"If you keep avoiding the problem, everyone will still worry. They're losing sleep, and even their appetites, worrying you'll hurt yourself. Think of them, if not yourself."

'Does Wesley worry about me like this every day?' Blair thought.

The problem was she didn't want to think about those days. That was a very dark period in her life, and she saw no way out. Yes, she thought Wesley was dead. Yes, she tried to kill herself because of it. But she was over it now. She didn't see any sense in dredging up the past. It hurt too much.

She sat back on the couch, supporting her head with one hand, eyes closed, grief-stricken. "I want to see Wesley. I want to see him..."

Wesley tried to go in, but the therapist's assistant stopped him. "Just sit tight for right now. Dr. Xue knows what she's doing. If they need you in there, I'll let you know."

But no matter how the doctor tried to get her to calm down and focus, Blair would only cry, demanding to see Wesley, like a lost child looking for her mom.

She was obviously heartbroken and grief-stricken, and it was too much for Wesley to take. He barged into the room.

As if seeing a beacon after being lost in the dark, vast sea, Blair ran into his arms excitedly. "You're alive! You're here! You're with me! This is real! Please tell me this is real!"

Wesley stroked her hair and her forehead. "It's real. I'm here, Blair. I'll always be here for you."

"How could my father do that? Did he ever think of me when he blew himself to bits, and Mom with him?

ark space she retreated to. She heard a tender voice telling her, "Blair, Wesley has always loved you. You know that flirting with those women was part of his job. Why don't you talk to him about it? Tell him how you feel. And ask him about the things you want to know. He'll be honest with you."

'Wesley has always loved you...'

Blair rested her head wearily on Wesley's chest as she quietly savored the words.

The soft voice continued, "Your sun didn't vanish. He still shines in your world. Put those painful days behind you. Raise your head and look at your sun. Its rays have always shone on you."

Blair slowly looked up and met Wesley's affectionate eyes. It looked as if he were emitting golden light. She felt she had found her sun again.

"You don't live for anyone but yourself. You don't need your parents or Wesley to be happy. Enjoy your life! Blossom! Wesley, your parents...everyone will be happy for you."

Without her parents or Wesley, Blair didn't know what else to live for.

"Now that Wesley is by your side, cherish him. Make the most of these days. If you're not happy, he won't be happy. So make him happy by finding your bliss."

Blair fell asleep in Wesley's arms.

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