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   Chapter 745 The Psychiatrist

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7695

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Blair shared with the girls about how Wesley had been treating her like a prisoner. Debbie felt bad for her. She figured that some soothing words were just what the doctor ordered, and told Blair that Wesley was only doing that because he loved her too much.

Blair didn't deny it, but still thought that confining her was out of line. He never really cared how she felt, while he selfishly kept her all to himself.

The four women had tea that afternoon. Blair enjoyed her much-needed freedom after a long time of imprisonment. She didn't want to go home to Wesley, so she convinced Debbie to take her in, and Debbie agreed.

Wesley always had his ways of finding her. Blair knew that he'd call her or track her phone down, so after reaching Debbie's place, she texted him saying that she would be spending the night at Debbie's, and then switched off her phone to avoid his calls.

Later that night, Debbie went on a date with Carlos downstairs in the garden; they had made an appointment to walk their dogs together. Blair had the whole apartment to herself. Relaxing in the hammock on the balcony, she took deep breaths of fresh air. For the first time in a long time, she felt truly free and happy.

Worried that Wesley might come to Debbie's place to drag her home, Blair had told Debbie to ask Carlos for help in case Wesley did come barging in.

This was important to her. So she took out her phone, intending to give Debbie a call to remind her, only to quickly realize that she didn't have her friend's new number. She took the elevator and went downstairs to talk to Debbie in person.

Eventually, Carlos agreed to help them.

But he and Wesley were best buddies after all. Blair had to go home with Wesley in the end.

It took a while for Blair and Debbie to say their goodbyes to each other. Wesley was in a bad mood because Blair was reluctant to go home with him. The long farewell irritated him so much that he yanked her away impatiently.

On their way back, Blair leaned on the car window, her eyes fixed on the view. She refused to talk to him.

Wesley was a man of few words, so he didn't try to start a conversation either. He let her be.

When they were home, he took her hand in his, but she shook it off without even looking at him.

After a long bath, Blair

Wesley took her hands in his gently. "If you promise me that you'll see the doctor, I won't watch you so closely anymore. You can go wherever you want and hang out with whomever you like. Okay?"

Blair thought about it for a moment and then agreed to his deal.

Wesley made the appointment and accompanied her to the doctor's office the next day.

The psychiatrist was a gentle woman. Her tone was comforting. While talking to Wesley, she spoke about Garnet. Blair figured that the doctor and Wesley went way back.

Wesley had briefed the doctor on Blair's condition beforehand, so soon after they had gotten to the doctor's office, she was taken into a dimly lit room with a comfortable couch.

This was the first time she was in a place like this. Despite the soothing decor, she felt scared.

The moment Wesley let go of her hand, a fit of uneasiness seized her.

Wesley sensed her fear. He embraced her and reassured, "I'll be waiting right outside. I'm not going anywhere."

'I'm not going anywhere.'

His words calmed her. She lay down on the couch as she was told.

The doctor closed the door of the room, and then it was just the two of them.

She started asking questions, and Blair answered them honestly.

Once the doctor asked about the suicide attempt, Blair fell silent and refused to answer any of the following questions the doctor asked.

From outside the room, Wesley could see Blair's every reaction through the window. But she couldn't see him.

When Blair fell silent, his heart ached.

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