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   Chapter 744 Your Application Has Been Cancelled

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After a pause, Wesley stammered, "It's no big deal. Just Megan calling..." Since Blair disliked Megan, he guessed that she might not want to hear him talking to her. So he decided to leave the bedroom to answer the phone.

Blair released him and said in a calm voice, "Okay."

From experience, she knew that Megan was trying to create more trouble.

Wesley went to the balcony and answered the phone. "Hello?"

After listening to her, he furrowed his brows and said, "But I thought you were gonna stay there for a while. Why are you back already?"

He then cast a glance at Blair, who was lying in bed and looking straight at him. When he heard Megan's request from the other end of the line, he thought for a moment and finally turned her down. "I can't come to the airport now. I'll arrange someone else to pick you up."

After a while, he answered, "No, I'm not busy with work. I'm keeping Blair company." He never lied.

"Okay. Bye."

After hanging up on Megan, Wesley arranged for two men to go to the airport and pick her up before going back to the bedroom.

Blair's eyes were shut, making it look like she was asleep.

But her moving eyeballs under her closed eyelids betrayed her.

Wesley turned off the lights and pulled her into his arms. He knew that she would be unhappy if he didn't give her an explanation, so he told her, "Megan just flew back from A Country. I arranged for two men to pick her up from the airport."

Blair didn't respond.

Wesley waited for a while. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her lips gently.

Blair struggled and protested in a low voice, "Let go of me, Wesley! I'm not in the mood."

"Yes, you are," he said firmly.

He succumbed to his lust and pressed his lips firmly on hers. The heat between them felt more like electricity, as it flowed from every inch of his body to hers.

Pleasure-filled moans echoed throughout the room, as the bed creaked violently beneath their intense movements. The more she screamed, the more he was enticed to move faster, deeper and stronger.

Since Wesley was on vacation, he spent most of his time with Blair.

And he soon realized something weird about her behavior. She had quit her job earlier, but seemed to be in no hurry to find a new job. Instead, she had been cooked up in the study for the last couple of days.

'That's strange. She is definitely plotting somethin

most lifted her up by grabbing onto her collar abruptly. The scene was so funny that the other three women burst out laughing.

Wesley, however, maintained a deadpan face and shot Blair a warning glance.

It had already been three years since Carlos' accident, and Debbie was honestly surprised that Wesley hated her even more now, just as Damon did.

Afraid that Wesley's attitude might hurt Debbie, Blair turned around and huffed, "Don't act like that. Debbie and I are good friends." Although they hadn't been in touch for years, her feelings for Debbie never changed.

But Wesley didn't let go of Blair, which pissed her off.

Seeing that Blair really wanted to hang out with them, Debbie walked over to the couple and saved her from the man's grip. Debbie had a smart mouth, and she quickly shut Wesley up.

He eased up on his grip on Blair when he realized that she really wished to be with the women.

She was finally behaving like the lively girl she used to be when he had first known her. Her chirpy smile was back.

He didn't know since when Blair had ceased to be that cheerful, bubbly girl. He wondered if it was his fault.

Since she seemed happy to be with Debbie, he decided to go easy on her this time. But he whispered something into her ears before letting her leave with Debbie.

Before taking his leave, Wesley cast a warning glance at Blair.

She had been really depressed lately, and at long last, she found some friends to talk to. She told them all about Wesley and what he had done to her. After spilling all her worries, Blair felt much better.

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