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   Chapter 743 Wesley Wants A Child

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Before Blair said anything, Wesley took Sheffield from her arms.

Just then, Ingrid came to the living room and walked over to them. "Sheffield... Wesley? Blair? Hello! When did you get here?"

"We've been here for a while. Ingrid, is this your son?" Blair's eyes sparkled as she looked at Ingrid.

"Yes, he is. This little boy is so naughty he runs about everywhere. I have to keep an eye on him all day long. Sheffield, come here and let me hold you," Ingrid said while spreading her arms out.

The little boy, however, shook his head and reached out his hands to Blair. "Aunt... Hug..."

Blair and Ingrid burst into laughter, amused by the adorable boy. Wesley, on the other hand, wore a deadpan face the whole time.

With a smirk, Ingrid squinted her eyes at her son and explained, "My son loves pretty girls. That's why he wants you to hug him, Blair. Sheffield, come here before your uncle Wesley gets angry."

Ingrid picked her son up from Wesley's arms and sat him down on her lap.

Blair turned to look at Wesley and was unsurprised with his expressionless face. She playfully reached for Sheffield and said, "Ingrid, let me play with him for a while. I don't have anything else to do. Hi baby, do you want a hug?"

Sheffield giggled and practically threw himself into Blair's arms. His little face glowed from a light within, and his miniature fingers grasped hers and held tight.

After a while, Mooney came back carrying paper bags in his hands. Blair and Sheffield were squatted under a tree, observing ants, while Wesley was chatting with Ingrid.

Wesley got up and took the paper bags politely. "Thank you for the medicines, Grandpa Mooney."

"No worries. Decoct the herbs with red dates. One pack of herbs should last you three days. Drink the liquid three times a day. There are five packs in total. I think fifteen days is enough to cure your wife," Mooney said.

Blair walked up to them holding Sheffield's hand, and upon hearing Mooney's words, she cried out, "Five packages? Three times a day?" Suffice it to say, Blair wasn't very fond of Chinese medicines because they were bitter.

Mooney chuckled at her response. "If you two want to become parents, you must take the medicines. Otherwise, the chances of you getting pregnant are very slim."

Blair cast a reproachful glance at Wesley. 'It's all his fault! Why does he want to have a child so urgently?'

Ingrid laughed, picking her son up and said, "Do

only managed to drink two-thirds of it. "Wesley, can you use less water next time when you decoct the medicines?" she complained.

Wesley tried his best to hold back his laughter. "To tell you the truth, I ladled less liquid this time. Tomorrow, you'll need to drink one third more than this," he explained.

"What?" Blair was shocked at his words.

She ate a plum candy to ease the bitterness in her mouth.

After that, she drank the remaining liquid in the bowl. "Great!" Wesley praised her and planted a kiss on her lips.

"I'm not a kid. Your trick won't work on me," she said in a playful voice.

Wesley bit his tongue and winked at her as he took the empty bowl to the kitchen.

In the evening, the two of them lay in bed together, Blair's head on his arm. Wesley was playing on his phone when suddenly Blair called out, "Wesley!"

"Hmm?" He cast a glance at her and then looked back at his phone screen.

"Why are you not mad at me?" she asked.

Wesley locked his phone and put it aside. He kissed her on the lips and then asked, "Why should I be mad at you?"

"Niles and I..." she stammered.

"He wouldn't dare," he simply said.

Besides, Wesley knew his brother very well. Niles only ever regarded Blair as his sister-in-law.

If she had known that Wesley wouldn't fall for it, Blair wouldn't have made a fool of herself.

Suddenly, Wesley's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and then looked at the woman next to him. "Sweetie, I need to take this call on the balcony."

Blair's heart sank. 'Why does he have to answer that phone call on the balcony?' "Is it something serious?" she asked.

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