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   Chapter 741 Marry Me

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"Listen to me, Niles. You come over. We'll just tell Wesley that we've been together and ask him to let me go. After he agrees, I'll leave this city without you. And you'll be free," Blair said. She had been trying to find a way to leave Wesley, and this was her only way now.

Wesley didn't have any ongoing missions. So, wherever she went, he just tagged along. And whenever he needed to do something, he would take her with him. The two of them were always together—inseparable, like shadows. She couldn't find a chance to get away.

Niles raised his head to stare at the ceiling and sighed helplessly. "Blair, I'd rather prefer it if you just told him that it was I who had drugged him," he said into the phone. 'Wesley would be furious if Blair told him that she and I were having an affair. He'll surely kill me, ' he thought with a shiver.

Blair pretended to be upset. "Niles, please help me this time. I promise I won't let him touch you. Trust me."

"No, no, no. Just imagine the scene! He loves you to hell and back. What makes you think he'd let me live?" Niles was no fool.

Blair pouted and said, "Fine! If you don't help me, I'll tell him that you drugged him. And I won't stop him from beating you up either. I may even add some fuel to the fire."

"Wait!" Niles panicked. 'On second thought, Wesley loves Blair so much that he might actually listen to her. She may be able to stop him from murdering me, ' he thought.

"Have you made up your mind?" she asked.

"I'll do as you say."

When Wesley came back home that evening, he saw Niles sitting on the sofa in his living room. "What are you doing here?" he asked with a frown.

The disdain in his eyes made Niles' heart sting. He swiftly jumped up from the sofa.

When she heard Wesley's voice, Blair quickly darted out of her bedroom and walked towards Niles. She slid her arm into his. "You are back," she said to Wesley.

Wesley, who was about to change into his slippers, paused and looked at the two of them. "Come here," he told her in a dangerously calm voice.

Blair shook her head. "Niles is here to confess something."

In his black boots, Wesley walked over to the two slowly and stood there, towering over them like a tyrant. Niles felt uneasy and began to break free from Blair's grip.

Blair, however, pinched his arm to make him stay put. Niles cursed in

n in a serious tone.

In order to ease his brother's anger, Niles said loudly, "Blair, he is saying that he'll hold a wedding. Just say, yes!"

Blair couldn't believe her ears. 'Did he just propose to me?

When he proposed to Patty, he did it in front of all those people in the night club. But to me, it's just "Marry me." He doesn't even have a ring! Oh wait... He did give me a diamond ring before, but I sold that. Still, he doesn't seem sincere.'

"No." Blair turned him down mercilessly, just like how Wesley had refused her in front of his men many years ago.

An awkward silence rang in the air. Sensing the danger, Niles sneaked out of the apartment quietly.

After closing the door behind him, Niles heaved a long sigh of relief. Neither Wesley nor Blair paid any attention to his departure.

Wesley tried his best to suppress his growing anger. "How long are you going to oppose me?"

"We need to talk," she said calmly. The two of them had never had a long talk so far. For so many years, they had lived apart and could only talk through phone calls.

Now that he was on vacation, it was time for them to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

Wesley grabbed hold of her wrist, startling her. She thought that he was going to hit her, so she struggled violently. "Aargh! Let me go! Wesley, if you dare lay a finger on me, I—"

"You will what?" He pulled her into his arms and stared at her coldly.

He felt anger pulsing through his body when he realized that she was unwilling to be intimate with him.

"I'll call the police!" she yelled.

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