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   Chapter 739 She Had Him Fooled

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The neighbors all willingly came up to help Greenwood and Wesley. They were completely taken by Wesley and they couldn't stop praising him. "Greenwood, you have such a humble grandson-in-law. Although, he is some high muck-a-muck, he is still willing to work in the field."

"That's true! Most people try to hide their humble origins from others after they climb up the social ladder, but your grandson-in-law is not like them. Greenwood, how lucky you are!"

"If he weren't your grandson-in-law, I would have introduced him to my daughter."

"Come on! You daughter is only eighteen. Don't be in such a hurry!"

"So what? She is an adult now. My wife was only sixteen when we got married!"

They chatted happily with each other until all the vegetables were unloaded. Then they finally left the yard.

Wesley was about to get inside the house and wash his hands when he saw Blair lean against the door frame staring at him. "What's up?" he asked as he walked over to her.

"Eighteen... What a young girl!" she teased.

'What does that have to do with me?' Wesley wondered. "I'm not into young girls," he replied. "I like women who are a bit more mature. Just like you."

"Huh?" Blair pretended to be shocked. "You mean you prefer older women?"

Wesley cast a meaningful look at her and said, "Are you implying you are an old woman? I won't allow you to say that."

Blair stifled the smile that had crept up on her face, and feigned anger. "If you're not into younger girls, then you must be implying that I am an old woman."

'What? That's not what I meant!' Wesley sighed helplessly, "Come here. Let me show you what kind of woman I like."

Blair shook her head and refused. "I'm going to help Grandma cook."

"Come on! I just need to make myself clear. I don't want to be misunderstood."

Wesley's voice trailed behind Blair as she hid in the kitchen with a face as red as an apple. Marie was just trying to light a fire when Blair put on an apron and began to cook without saying anything.

In the following days, Blair finally understood what Wesley meant when he said he was going to spend a few more days here.

It wasn't the scenic views that brought him to this place, but rather the seclusion and privacy that he rarely got to experience with her in the city.

At night, Blair would stare at the empty pitch-black sky and b

revealed his few teeth. "Ah...ah..."

Joslyn told her son in a soft voice, "Patrick, this is Wesley."

The boy opened his mouth to utter the word. "Va..." But that was it.

The two women laughed out loud at the same time. Blair urged the boy, "Wesley, Wes-ley."

Wesley cast a meaningful look at Blair, happiness filling every corner of his heart.

"Vally..." This time Patrick had made some progress.

Wesley smiled and raised the little boy in mid-air which made the boy burst out in laughter.

Without a conscious thought, Blair rested her hand on her belly and wondered why she wasn't pregnant yet. After all, she and Wesley had been together for quite some time now.

The sense of loss in her heart grew stronger. It wasn't until this very moment that she finally realized just how much she wanted to have a baby of her own.

Joslyn put her arms around her best friend and whispered, "Your husband's always busy. That's why you haven't gotten pregnant yet. Don't worry. You'll have his baby sooner or later."

Blair immediately moved her hand away from her belly and retorted, "I don't worry about that at all."

Joslyn shook her head helplessly. "You're still so stubborn!"

Blair asked Wesley, "We are going to go shopping. What are your plans for today?"

Wesley looked at the boy in his arms and answered, "I'm done with my work today. He is pretty heavy for a baby.

I'll come along with you so I can take care of him while you two are shopping."

Blair shrugged her shoulders at him and went back to the bedroom to change her clothes.

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