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   Chapter 738 Four Hundred

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They piled into Wesley's off-road vehicle, and he drove Blair and her grandpa to the vegetable field, which was at the edge of the village.

The road was unpaved, so they needed a vehicle like this. Although the road was not a very good one, they were lucky it was wide enough for Wesley's car.

When they arrived, Wesley asked Blair to stay in the car. He and Greenwood would go to work in the field.

Blair wanted to go with them, and stuck up for herself. Wesley pointed to the muddy field and said, "Your shoes will get dirty."

"It's no big deal. I can wash them after we go back home."

"No. Stay here. Why don't you check WeChat if you get bored?" Wesley suggested while locking the car doors. He opened the sunroof to let some air in. Then he left with Greenwood.

Blair fished her phone out of her pocket with her lips pouted. 'Check WeChat if you get bored, ' she mocked. 'Jerk!'

She put her phone back and looked around, feeling bored. When she looked up and saw the sunroof, she suddenly had an idea.

'Think you can lock me in the car? Not gonna happen!'

Blair took off her shoes, stood on the seat, and plopped her shoes onto the roof of the car. Then she eased herself through the narrow opening. She paused to take a look around.

'This isn't that high. I can get out this way, ' she thought happily.

While harvesting the vegetables, Wesley looked back from time to time to check on Blair. Just as she exited the car, she heard him shouting, "Hey! What are you doing?"

He planted the shovel in the dirt and ran to his car.

His sudden voice startled Blair, who was about to put on her shoes. She paused and turned to look at him. "What?" she asked.

Wesley reached his car, opened the door, stuck his head inside the car and pulled her down through the sunroof.

"Aargh!" Caught off-guard, Blair fell into the car, screaming at the top of her lungs. She thought she might hit her head, but she didn't. Wesley caught her just in time.

Left with no choice, Wesley agreed that Blair could stay outside. He asked Greenwood to keep her company, while he worked in the field alone.

Greenwood sat on a wooden bench and trimmed the vegetables they picked. Blair, however, had nothing to do because Wesley wouldn't allow her to lift a finger.

Near noon, Wesl

nd check on them when you get a chance."

The neighbors all nodded vigorously and gave him wide grins. "Don't worry. Will do."

"We've been neighbors for ages. We already do that."

Most of them never saw the cigarettes that Wesley gave them. A young man said excitedly, "Wow, Sobranie Black Russians? A carton tops a couple hundred bucks."

"Really? That expensive?"

Upon hearing that, Greenwood was shocked and was about to take the cigarettes back. "Oh, there's no need for everyone to get a pack. That's way too expensive! They should be fine with just one cigarette each!"

Before Wesley could turn him down, his neighbors burst out laughing. "Greenwood, you old fart! Look at the car he drives. You think he cares about a measly two hundred bucks? Money like his probably buys a lot of cigarettes."

Greenwood shook his head. "His car only cost four hundred bucks. It is less practical than my trike."

"Four hundred bucks?" The young man who recognized the cigarettes shook his head. "You gotta be kidding me, Greenwood. Who told you that?" After saying that, he began to study the car.

Greenwood coughed and pointed at Wesley, who was putting the rest of the cigarettes back into his car. "He told me."

"How's that possible? The car at least cost a few hundred G. Am I right, Wesley?" the young man asked.

Wesley smiled, "It's not that expensive. I'll get the rest of the vegetables."

"Hear that? It's not expensive. I gotta get to work too," Greenwood said and helped Wesley with the vegetables.

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