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   Chapter 736 She's A Weird Girl

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Greenwood was about to stand up to have a talk with Blair. Wesley stopped him and said, "Grandpa, please. I'll talk to her myself."

"All right. Do as you wish."

Wesley walked out of the house. Seeing Blair still squatted down on the vegetable patch, he quickly took off his coat and cap, and put them aside. He didn't want her to do all this strenuous work. Blair was picking up weeds and throwing them aside angrily, as if she were venting her anger on the plants. Wesley lifted the angry woman to her feet and pulled her out of the patch of farm land.

Ignoring her angry protest, he rolled up his sleeves and began weeding. Although he didn't have much experience in this kind of work, he was a soldier who had undergone all kinds of harsh training. It wasn't a big deal for him.

Blair left him there alone and after washing her hands, she asked her grandfather, "Grandpa, do we have enough firewood?"

"Uh, no. We need some more. I'll go get some," the old man said, getting up from his chair.

"Grandpa, please rest. I'll get it." Blair grabbed the long rope which her grandfather usually used to tie up the wood.

"Girl, stop. You are not strong enough to carry the wood back!" Marie tried to stop her granddaughter, but the girl rushed out before she could say anything else.

Wesley heard the conversation and walked over to her. "Grandma, don't worry. Leave it to me."

"O-okay... Thank you, Wesley."

He easily caught up to Blair and silently followed her to an empty land behind the house. A pile of firewood was stocked there for their daily use.

When she was about to reach out for the wood, he pulled her away and grabbed the rope from her hand. He bent down to gather a few pieces of firewood together, tied them up tightly with the rope, and threw them over his shoulder. He carried them back to the house with ease.

Blair's mouth hung open in amazement. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind, but chose to be silent.

Before the sun went down, Wesley had finished all the chores and farm work which Blair had planned to do—carrying the firewood to the courtyard, cutting them into pieces, weeding the vegetable patch, and drawing water from the well. And he did it all so efficiently, like he had years of experience doing it.

When night fell and the two elders were busy cooking in the kitchen, Blair took the chance to push the man out of the door. She urged in a low voice, "We don't have enough rooms here for guests. Leave now."

He tried to find an excuse to st

"You're beautiful too."

Blushing, she tried to get away from his reach. "Let me go!" She threw a glance at the door of the living room, afraid that her grandparents would see them.

Wesley wrapped one of his arms around her waist. She was unable to move an inch. "Honey, did you miss me?" He had missed her a lot.

Blair struggled and warned in a hushed voice, "Wesley, let go of me. They are going to walk in on us. LET ME GO!"

Seeing the fury in her eyes, he slowly moved his arm away and freed her.

"Jerk!" As soon as she broke free, she ran out of the room without turning back.

Watching her receding figure, Wesley took another bite of the dried dough stick, grinning from ear to ear.

The two elders had prepared six dishes to welcome Wesley. The food looked so delicious that it made Blair's mouth water.

Her appetite was aroused, and she couldn't help but eat more than usual. She ate a big bowl of rice, along with the other dishes. She was so full that she touched her round belly and paced up and down to help with the digestion.

Thanks to their hospitality, Wesley ate more than usual too. He couldn't sit down either.

After dinner, Wesley said to the grandparents as he grabbed Blair's hand, "Grandpa, Grandma. We're going to take a walk in the village. We'll be back home after a while."

"Okay. Go east. There are some street lamps there at the entrance of the village. Don't go west. That path leads to the mountains," Blair's grandfather reminded them.

"Got it." With that, Wesley dragged Blair out of the house, giving her no time to say no.

The road was dark. Blair couldn't run away, so she had no choice but to follow him.

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