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   Chapter 735 Who's The Handsome Guy

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Wesley let out another heavy sigh. "What happened?"

"I slapped her in the face. Twice," Blair said into the phone in a smug tone.

Wesley remained silent, not knowing what to say.

She continued, "Should I wait for you to come back and beat me to a pulp, or flee away as quickly as I can? After all, I have heard people say that whoever dares to lay a finger on dear Megan would be doomed to an eternity of pain."

Wesley sensed the sarcasm in her voice. He warned, "You'll only be doomed if you don't wait for me there. Stay put!"

Blair grinned, as she played with a strand of her red curly hair. He had wanted her straight, black hair back the very day she had had this new hairstyle done. She had been waiting for him to take her to the hair salon. More than six months had passed since then, but she still hadn't gotten the chance. Instead, the very first thing he had done after coming back was visit and take care of Megan. She seethed with anger at the thought. "Sorry, sir. I've had enough of this."

"What do you mean?"

"I hate Megan, but you want to be responsible for her for the rest of your life. If I choose you, I have to put up with her crap too. I know that I can't divorce you since a serviceman's marriage is under protection. So, I'll just disappear. That way, you won't be able to marry another woman either. Perfect plan, isn't it?" Blair wasn't good at playing dirty tricks like Megan. She would lose this game in the long run if she continued to fight against the girl. So, she thought it would be better if she stayed away from all these people for the time being.

Wesley stepped on the accelerator. "Just wait for me at the house."

"Fine," she agreed without hesitation.

However, when he reached home, the only sight waiting for him was a wailing Megan with her swollen eyes. Blair was long gone.

He called her again. But her phone was switched off.

By the time he flew back to Y City and hurried to her office, Blair had already quit her job. It was an urgent resignation. Orion had signed the resignation letter for her.

Left with no choice, Wesley headed back to the military base. Using their tracking system, he was able to locate her. She was still within the city limits, in the countryside.

'What's she doing way out there?'

He called Adalson. It was only then that he knew that Blair's paternal grandparents lived in the countryside.

A pang of guilt filled his heart. They had been together for such a long time

ier is Blair's husband." She told Blair off, "You naughty girl, how dare you lie to me? Young man, come in."

"Thank you, Grandma. Grandpa, it's a pleasure meeting you." Greenwood nodded. Wesley took the food bags and followed Marie into the house.

Blair was left behind, speechless.

In the small living room, the two elders entertained their grandson-in-law with much hospitality. They made tea and cut some fruits for him. "Wesley, please feel at home. Have some of this orange. Your grandpa just bought it from the market. It's fresh."

Wesley took the orange gratefully. "Thank you, Grandma."

"Don't be so formal. We're family."

Greenwood sat opposite him and handed him a pack of cigarettes. "Need a smoke?"

"I used to smoke a lot. But I have quit now." He still planned on having a child with Blair.

"I see. Are you here to pick Blair up?"

Wesley threw a glance outside the window. The woman had gone back to weeding on the vegetable patch. "I wanted to apologize to her. I won't leave here until she's willing to go back with me."

Greenwood tapped his cigarette in the ashtray and asked with concern, "What happened? Did you tick her off? Adalson told me that you are an officer in the army. And you have a rich background. Did you cheat on my granddaughter?"

"No, no. I would never. I just came back to Y City from the border after a long assignment. But I was occupied with something else and didn't get a chance to contact her sooner. She's still angry about that." Wesley intentionally left out Megan's name.

Greenwood nodded understandingly. "I see. That's not a big deal. Rest assured. I'll persuade the girl."

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