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   Chapter 732 That's Our Home

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Left with no other choice, Niles decided to take a nap in the car. Just as he was about to drift away to sleep, a knock on his head jarred him awake.

In a haze, he slowly squinted his eyes open, feeling annoyed. "Who hit me? How dare you disturb my sleep..." As he rubbed his eyes and his vision cleared, Nile finally saw who it was. "Oh, Wesley...Blair..."

Blair got in the passenger's seat in silence.

"Take good care of your sister-in-law on the way back home. If she gets hurt, you'll be very sorry," warned Wesley.

"What if you're the reason why she's hurt? Am I supposed to be responsible for that too?" Niles retorted, pretending to be angry.

A chuckle escaped Blair's lips. The naughty boy's words amused her and took her mind off the thought that was making her sad.

Wesley had his fist raised, about to punch Niles, but he froze when he suddenly saw the smile on Blair's face. Her smiling face struck a chord in his heart. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

He drew back his fist and looked back at Niles. "Contact me if you need my help."

"Got it!"

Wesley pulled out his phone and as he slid his fingers on the screen, he said, "I'm wiring you some money. Buy whatever your sister-in-law needs and bring them to her. If you need more, just let me know."

'Wiring me money?' Niles' eyes lit up in excitement, but dimmed just as soon as they had lit up when he heard Wesley continue. "Keep accounts and ask Blair to sign her name on every bill you pay. I'll check the balance when I come back. If there's even a penny less, I'll take away three days of your salary."

Whatever hint of excitement that lingered on Niles' face had now vanished into thin air.

He fired up the engine, stepped on the gas and sped away.

Wesley watched the car drive away into some distance, but just as he was about to turn around and leave, the car suddenly stopped and started backing up. Confused, the soldier stopped moving and stood rooted to the spot.

"Brother, goodbye!" the young doctor said mischievously. Both Wesley and Blair were rendered speechless by the young man's childish behavior.

Before Wesley could respond, Niles stepped on the gas again and sped off. This time Wesley didn't move until the car was out of his sight.

The train back arrived on time. Blair took the seat near the window, pensively watching the view outside.

One mile, two miles...She was going farther and farther away from Wesley. She was starting to miss the man already. When would they meet again?

Suddenly, the sound of her ringtone derailed her train of thoughts. It w

ision is yours to make. I won't get in the way of that."

The thought of being under the same room with Megan seemed like an absolutely impossible suggestion. However, she didn't want to put Wesley in an awkward situation.

"Blair!" He called her name out loud, clearly a bit angry.

"What?" she answered impatiently.

In a stern voice, he stressed, "The apartment is ours, not just mine alone. That's our home. You have the right to make a decision."

Blair flashed a sweet smile. "Fine. Promise me that it will just be for a few days? Let her leave as soon as possible."

"Okay, no problem."

"And I'm going to set three rules."

"Whatever you want."

Blair happily replied, "I'm not going to talk to her myself, so you need to tell her my conditions. First of all, no matter what happens, she's not allowed to enter our bedroom." That was their most private place in the apartment. She didn't want any outsiders in there, especially Megan.

The soldier grinned at the woman's ability to be so sweet and petty at the same time.

"Okay, what's the second rule?"

"Second, keep the apartment clean. She must clean up after herself."


"Third, she's not allowed to bring any guests to our home... Oh, there's one more rule. She has to call me 'Aunt Blair.' That's all."

"I see. I'll pass on your words to her."

"Mmm hmm. Well...when will you be back?" she asked quietly. It had been almost seventy days since they had seen each other. She missed him so much that she was on the verge of becoming depressed.

"Not sure yet, but it'll be before the end of next month!" Give or take, forty days to go.

After this mission, Wesley was planning on staying with Blair longer than he did the last time.

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