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   Chapter 731 I Don't Mind Waiting

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When she paused for breath, Blair remembered how Wesley acted like a player when he went on that mission. He had special training on how to flirt with women.

But when he was done with the mission, all his training flew out the window. He was just the same old boring Wesley.

Wesley didn't like what she said, but he decided it wasn't worth being mad over. "That wasn't cool. Besides, I have something else in mind. Can you call me 'honey?' I'd really like that."

She replayed a scene of their intimacy in her head, and she blushed furiously. She shifted her gaze from him and said bashfully, "I...already called you that."

"Yeah, but only in bed."

Blair was shocked by his blunt manner. Her face was burning crimson red.

"No way. Not again," she announced in anger.

"Don't tick me off."

"You mad at me?" Her face was deadpan but there was a pained look in her eyes.

Wesley pulled her into his arms, embracing her tightly. He said between gritted teeth, "Not really. I can't stay mad at you for long anyway. I don't know what to do with you."

She had an answer for that, but she didn't say it out loud. 'How about hold me tight and never let me go?' Blair buried her face in his chest, wearing a happy smile. He was obviously giving in, yet he still sounded stiff. Didn't he know how to be tender and loving?

Besides, she was the same. She didn't know what to do with him either.

What happened between him and Patty was always in the back of her mind. It haunted her, ate at her soul. 'It was for the mission, ' she told herself. But that didn't make her feel any better.

She was angry that he treated Megan so nicely. But she told herself that it was because Megan's parents had saved his life. If it were not for Megan's parents, he would have died long ago and she wouldn't be able to meet him.

When they had sex the first time, he said between gritted teeth that she was shameless. She was hurt. But she tried her best to erase that from her memory.

"You know I don't mind waiting. As long as I know you'll be with me," she said quietly. Waiting for him was not hard at all. What frustrated her most was not knowing what would split them apart. They fought like cats and dogs, and every time they had a fight, she didn't know if they'd be okay after that. He didn't know how to cool her down. Sometimes, they wouldn't even talk or text each other for a while afterward.

Wesley silently listened to her

for being brave enough to tell her. She was also happy he shared his heart. He asked her what she thought. That was improvement. "Promise me one thing," she said, looking him in the eye.

"Go on."

"Whatever you choose, stay alive." As long as he was alive, even if they were apart, she would have the courage to live on.

Wesley was silent once again.

This was the problem that bugged him from the start. That was why he took so long to ask Blair out. "I'll try my best," he promised.

Blair stood on tiptoe to help him straighten his collar. "I gotta go now. It takes a while to get to the train station." XH City was large and spread out. She had to go back to the hotel first and then to the station. It would take her at least two hours.

Wesley lowered his head to kiss her lips. "Wait for me."

"Mmm hmm. But Wesley..."

She didn't like being sad like this. So she raised her eyebrows and joked, "Well, if you can't stay alive, then tell me. That way, I can marry another guy who can be with me every day."

His Adam's apple bobbed. He repeated, "I told you before. Military marriage is protected by law. We can't get divorced."

Blair snorted, "Don't take me for a fool. As long as you apply for a divorce, of course we can."

"See, that's just it. I won't do it. Blair, stop trying to get rid of me. You're mine forever—unless I die! And I don't plan on it."

She pinched his arm heavily. "Wesley, never mention the word 'die' again."

"Yeah. I hear you."

On the other hand, Niles had run out of patience. He finished his lunch a while ago, but he didn't dare to interrupt the loving couple.

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