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   Chapter 730 Isn’t She A Criminal

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7274

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"Pretty far actually." Niles checked the distance on his phone. The army base was over fifty kilometers away.

Wesley had driven that far every time to see Blair after finishing his work, even though he could see her only in the middle of the night.

Niles hired a car and took Blair to the army base.

The place was heavily guarded. Niles asked her to wait in the car, and went to inquire about Wesley to a sentry at the entrance.

He told the guard that he was Senior Colonel Wesley Li's brother. The soldier sized him up and noticed the resemblance at once. "Senior Colonel Li is not here right now. Why don't you try contacting him personally?"

Niles refrained from rolling his eyes. "I did. But his phone is switched off. That's why I am here."

"I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do to help you. Sorry," the sentry told him. Security was obviously taken very seriously around here.

Niles returned to the car, filled with disappointment. They waited near the camp the whole morning, but didn't see Wesley anywhere near the place.

By noon, Niles was getting hungry. "Wait here, Blair. I'll go buy something to eat," he said.


she replied.

No sooner had Niles left than some military trucks came from the opposite direction. To avoid drawing any attention, Blair hid behind a tree and observed if Wesley was in any one of those trucks.

Before long, the handsome man got out of the first truck and walked to the sentry whom Niles had spoken to earlier.

All of a sudden, both of them looked her way. Blair's heart leaped into her mouth. 'Crap! The guard must have told Wesley that his brother had come looking for him.'

She had only wanted to see him from afar without disturbing his work.

When Wesley headed towards her, her instinct told her to run.

And Wesley chased after her.

Worried that she might trip and fall, he deliberately slowed down to keep a fair distance between them.

A few soldiers got out of the trucks. One of them patted the soldier beside him and said, "Look! Our chief is running after someone. Is that a girl?"

"Yeah. Who is that?"

"A criminal or spy, maybe?"

"Probably. Chief seems to

hought to herself.

Wesley tightened his embrace to pull her closer to him. "Believe me. The wait will be worthwhile."

She had been waiting for him for ten years. It was long enough. And Wesley was considering giving her a beautiful wedding.

Blair's eyes became moist. She choked and pushed him away. "Everything is fine now. Focus on your job and guard your country and the people. Don't think about me."

"What do you mean, don't think about you?" She was his first thought and would always be.

Wesley would give up his own life for her. Since they were married, he didn't want to keep her waiting any longer.

"Never mind. Think of the big picture." She didn't want him to sacrifice or give up anything for her sake. That would just hurt her more.

Wesley's eyes dimmed. "Blair, if we weren't married, would you still be thinking of running away from me?"

"No, I wouldn't be.

If I really wanted to leave you, one little marriage certificate wouldn't be able to keep me from walking away."

Her love life had been a bumpy road so far, but she had no intention of getting out of this relationship at this point.

Their long distance relationship was kind of bittersweet. At least, she and Wesley could cool off and have time to think about their future.

Wesley's jaw hardened. He snarled, "Would it kill you to say something nice to me?"

Blair made a face. "You know me. I don't have a honeyed tongue, just like you."

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