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   Chapter 729 Way Off Base

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7238

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Blair was stripped naked and thrown onto the bed in the blink of an eye. Wesley swiftly got on top of her. "You lied to me. Mmph..." she said when she got a chance to talk between their passionate kisses.

"This is the next attraction. And I'm here having fun with you. After this, we'll get some rest. Which part did I lie about?"

he whispered in her ear, breathing heavily. Blair couldn't retort to that. Biting her lips, she suggested, "You said you wanted to talk. Then, let's talk."

"I prefer talking like this. Did you miss me?"

"No. I was fine alone— Aah!" She felt a fierce thrust and he was inside her.

Wesley pressed his lips onto hers to stop her from saying something that would kill the mood in the room.

At half past one in the afternoon, Wesley left for the army base, leaving behind nothing but a torn top and a complete mess in the bedroom and the bathroom.

Blair didn't see him for the next two days. On the third night, she was sleeping when she heard the doorbell. She was so terrified that she was wide awake at once. She checked the time. 1 a.m. Blair held her breath; she had no intention of opening the door. The bell rang again and again.

And then, it was quiet for a few seconds. Then her phone vibrated. "Open the door. It's me."

She let out a relieved sigh.

She got out of bed, straightened her pajamas and opened the door.

Wesley was standing outside. Before she could let him in, Niles, who was staying opposite to her room, opened his door in his bathrobe. "Wesley?"

he asked in surprise. He had been playing games on his phone when he heard someone ringing Blair's doorbell. He wasn't expecting to see Wesley in the hotel in the middle of the night.

Wesley had reached out his hands to hug his woman. Hearing his brother's voice, he retracted his hands and turned to Niles. "What? Go to bed!" he scolded impatiently.

Niles felt wronged. "You kept ringing her doorbell. I was worried, and came to check it out."

"Go sleep!"

"Oh c'mon, Brother. Don't be so cold. Would you like to come into my room and have a heart-to-heart?" Niles leaned on the door and grinned at him wickedly.

Holding hi

floor. How did he even manage to climb all the way up? 'Can he fly too? Is there anything this man can't do?'

While she was contemplating about his ability to fly, she was forcefully pressed against the window glass. "Honey, the night is beautiful. Enjoy the view," he said in an evil tone.

"No!" She fought. She was aware of what he was up to.

However, her refusal was too feeble against his force.

She was forced to look at the starry sky as he torn apart her night gown. She cursed him inside repeatedly, and yet, that was far from enough to make her feel any better.

She had spent over twenty hours on the train to get to this beautiful border city. And now, she felt like she was here only for his pleasure.

For the next couple of days, Blair never left the hotel.

On the fifth night, Blair was too afraid to sleep. She cringed in bed, listening to every noise around her room, as if an evil beast would show up any minute.

It was past 2 a.m., and Wesley still hadn't come. Sleep took over and Blair dozed off.

The group had been in XH City for a week. It was time to go back home. They had already booked their return tickets.

Blair didn't see Wesley in the last two days either. He didn't call her. And when she tried to call him, his phone was switched off.

Before they departed, she asked Niles, "Is the army base far from here?" She wanted to get a glance at him from afar before they left the city.

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