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   Chapter 728 Ruses

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Niles grinned awkwardly. What was he supposed to tell Wesley? That he had drugged them both, and was now trying to make amends? He didn't think so. He would rather take the secret to his grave than get beaten to a pulp by his mad brother.

Lucky for him, Blair called out for them at that moment. "Wesley, Niles! What are you two talking about over there?"

Wesley cast Niles a warning look and then said, pointing at the limestone cave nearby, "I'll throw you into that cave if you try to steal her away from me!"

Niles gaped at his words. 'How cruel. I'm pretty sure that there must have been a swap at the hospital, ' he thought.

Wesley picked up the shoe covers and walked towards Blair. Niles called after him, "Wesley, we're brothers. Why are you always being so hard on me?"

"You need the push to grow up," Wesley replied.

'To grow up? The kind of push you're giving me will make me grow into the Hulk, ' Niles thought sulkily.

Blair asked Wesley, "What's going on? Are you bullying Niles again?"

"No, I'm not," he lied.

Blair knew he was, but she let it go. "Give me the shoe covers. I can put them on by myself."

"Let me. Niles, get your ass over here," Wesley said to his brother, who was sulking over the unfair treatment he was receiving, wondering what he had done to deserve being treated this way by his own brother.

"Why are you talking to me? Be hard, just the way you like,"

Niles blurted out without thinking. Blair choked on her own saliva when she heard that.

'Wesley is hard for Niles?' she thought as she coughed and patted her chest.

Wesley looked at her with an embarrassed, gloomy face. "What are you thinking, woman? He meant I was being too hard on him."

"Oh..." Blair said.

Niles had no idea that Blair had misunderstood his casual words. He waded over, drooping, and asked curtly, "What?"

Wesley ignored him and told Blair, "Grab onto him and steady yourself while I put on the shoe covers for you."

"I can do it by mysel

was taking her to the next scenic spot.

Wesley got out of the car and opened the door for her.

"I'd like to take a look at the room you are staying in." Then he added, "Whom are you staying with?"

The serious look on his face fooled her. She believed he really didn't know.

"I have the room to myself. The hotel is not so good, but they said this was one of the best in this place."

Blair took him to her room and opened the door. "The room is pretty big. It's spacious enough since I'm staying alone. Niles made the arrangements."

The trace of fragrance in the air drew him in. Her scent.

Wesley pretended to be checking the place out. He looked around the room first, and then examined the bathroom. He even looked out the window. "I know a better hotel. I can take you there."

"No, thanks. I should stay with the others."

Blair put her bag on the table, grabbed a bottle of water and handed it to him. "Are you thirsty?"

Wesley shook his head. She unscrewed the lid and drank some. "This afternoon— Mmph..."

Her mouth was sealed by a hot kiss as soon as she turned around.

Under his heated passion, Blair realized that the promise about hanging out with her, getting some rest in the hotel and checking out the room were all just ruses. Ruses that he used to get laid.

He sure had her fooled.

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