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   Chapter 723 As Long As She Is Happy

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8885

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Blair didn't have the words to respond to Wesley.

She sighed inwardly, 'Wesley can be so stubborn sometimes! Has he even considered my feelings?

I have enough money. I sold the diamond ring and bracelet he gave me. Besides, I have a job that pays me well enough. I may not earn a lot, but I can support myself. I don't need him to support me at all!'

If she had known things would turn out like this, she wouldn't have returned the Perfecting Cushion Wesley had bought for her. That way, he wouldn't have found an excuse to wire another one million dollars into her bank account.

As things were usually slower at work during the off-seasons, Blair asked her manager for some time off from work so she could fly to A Country and visit the Li family.

Blair only told Cecelia in advance that she was coming to A Country. However, much to her surprise, Baldwin accompanied Cecelia at the airport to pick her up. Cecelia was so excited to see Blair that she almost cried in public, as if she had finally seen her daughter, who hadn't been home a long time.

They had lunch at the Li family's house, and then Cecelia took Blair out to an art exhibition. Later that afternoon, they decided to go shopping, but before they went to the mall, Blair sincerely insisted Cecelia should not buy her anything.

Cecelia assured her that she needn't worry about anything, only to go back on her words later on. She not only bought clothes for Blair, but also took her to one of the biggest laptop retail outlets in the mall.

"Aunt Cecelia, are you looking to buy a laptop?" Blair asked curiously.

"Yes, dear!" Cecelia answered plainly, eyes focused on the wide selection of laptops on display.

One of the salespeople recommended two laptops to Cecelia, who then held Blair's hand and asked, "Which one do you think is better?"

"I think you should pick the one you like!" said Blair.

"It's not for me, dear." Cecelia smiled at her and continued, "I heard that your laptop got broken. You need a new one!" Some time ago, Niles told Cecelia that Blair's laptop was broken in the car accident.

Blair's suffered a leg injury, but luckily it was not that serious. Cecelia, however, felt guilty because she couldn't fly to Y City to visit Blair, so she thought to make up for it by getting her something she needed.

Blair was deeply moved by Cecelia's gesture of kindness. "Aunt Cecelia, you don't need to buy me a laptop. Anyway, I just use the company's computer; it works just fine for me." She then turned to face the salesperson and apologetically said, "Sorry for the trouble, miss, but we are not buying a laptop." As she smiled at the salespe

me a lot of things again."

Cecelia paused and put the camera down. Blair thought she was angry, and was about to explain when Cecelia cut in, "How about you get pregnant and give birth to a boy or a girl? Then my attention will be transferred to them and you won't feel pressured anymore. What do you say?"

Blair was at a loss for words, unsure of whether to laugh or cry. "Seems like a good idea, but Wesley won't be back in half a year."

"Huh! You mean you want to have a baby too!" Cecelia had a wicked grin on her face that stretched from ear to ear.

Blair's face was as red as a tomato. She immediately shook her head. "No, no..." She wasn't certain about her relationship with Wesley, and she didn't think a child would help fix that.

"Don't be shy. Niles told me what happened. Now that you know you and Wesley are a legally married couple, why don't you call me 'Mom' from now on?" Cecelia looked at Blair with a hopeful expression.

From the moment she saw Blair at the airport, Cecelia had been wondering how to make Blair call her "Mom."

Blair bit her lip, feeling awkward. Cecelia was right—Blair should call her "Mom." However, Blair felt incredibly shy to do so.

Cecelia smiled at Blair's shy face, patting the back of her hand and said, "Don't worry. You can call me whatever you want. I believe you will come to call me 'Mom' one day."

Blair nodded. "I know, Aunt Cecelia. Please give me some time."

"Honey, take as long as you need."

The next day, Baldwin and Cecelia drove Blair to the airport. When they got out of his car, he put Blair's luggage in a cart and told her, "I don't think your luggage is overweight. If it is overweight, just pay extra. It's not a big deal. Wesley has money, and all his money is yours now."

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