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   Chapter 722 He's My Brother

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7571

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"You are making a lot of sense! Fine, for the sake of my future nephew, I'll do you a favor and drive my sister-in-law home," Niles said into his phone.

"It would be your honor to drive my woman home," Wesley said.

Niles was shocked by his words. "Bro, how do you always have a way to piss me off?"

"Cut the crap. Drive her back now, or I'll beat the shit out of you when I'm back."

"Just come back and fight me; that's what brothers are for," Niles shrugged. He liked bantering with his brother.

"Niles Li, one more word and I'll fly back now!" Wesley said impatiently.

"Sorry, bro. I was just kidding. Of course I'll drive Blair back home now. Please don't get mad at me, okay?"


"Yes, sir!"

Meanwhile, Blair's brain was preoccupied with the fact that she and Wesley were legally married. She no longer was in the mood to stay at the party.

So when Niles offered to drive her back, she agreed without hesitation.

"Miss Jing, you haven't introduced me to this young man." Someone seemed curious about Niles' identity.

Blair paused for a while and was about to tell that person that Niles was her boyfriend's brother when Niles cut her short. "Nice to meet you. I'm Niles Li. Blair's husband is my brother," he said with a polite smile.

"Li? Niles Li? You look a lot like Wesley Li. Are you his..." Niles knew that his brother was popular but he didn't expect the man to know him.

People around them started to listen in carefully, curious to know who Blair's husband was.

"Wesley? He is my elder brother," Niles answered proudly. "We have the same father and mother."

"The same father and mother? Are you implying you have another brother with whom you share the same father but different mothers?" someone asked casually.

Niles wasn't pleased by his words and cast a reproachful glance at the man. "Of course not. What nonsense are you talking about? My dad would never do that to my mom."

The man gave Niles an embarrassed smile and walked away.

People around them finally found out who Blair's husband was. "Hey, apparently Miss Jing's husband is Senior Colonel Li. Miss Jing...I mean, Mrs. Li, you've kept your private life very private indeed. If it weren't for Doctor Li, we probably would have n

. "I've wired you some money. You can buy whatever you want."

Then he thought it was not enough, so he added, "Megan is just a kid. Don't take a little girl's naughtiness to heart. I'll go talk to her when I get back."

Well, if he hadn't sent the second message, Blair might have already forgiven him. But his second message only added fuel to the fire.

Blair opened her bank app and saw that she had received a large sum of money. Her balance should have been five figures, but now it was seven figures.

She checked the details of transfer and found that he had wired her a million today and another million a long time ago.

She thought about the date for a while and then remembered that it was the day she had that car accident.

Blair didn't know about it until now.

Annoyed, she decided to go to the bank and activate the SMS alert service. Then she would return the money to Wesley.

The first thing was easy to do. But the second was not.

She tried to ask for Wesley's bank account from Niles. Unexpectedly, Niles wasn't his usual foolish self today. He just refused to tell her and asked her to talk to Wesley instead.

Having no other choice, Blair had to ask Wesley for his bank account, but obviously he knew what she was up to. He even countered with a threat. "I am your husband and it is my duty to support the family. If you wire the money back, I swear I'll go to your company and quit your job for you. Then, I'm going to ground you and ban you from going anywhere!"

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