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   Chapter 721 I Want A Divorce

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Niles was about to have an argument with Blair when they overheard two women chatting with each other. Their topic of conversation was Wesley.

Nile and Blair exchanged glances knowingly before hiding in a corner to eavesdrop on them.

"Mom, he doesn't even want to talk to me!" The woman who was complaining looked familiar.

"He doesn't talk to you because he doesn't know you. Don't worry. I am friends with his mother. She's been worried about his marriage. Do you know why you'll be a good catch for him? We are filthy rich, that's why! The reason why I want you to marry him is that he is always busy and seldom stays at home. After you marry him, you will be able to stay at our home whenever he is away. Sounds great, right?"

Blair rolled her eyes and shook her head. 'Sounds like Wesley can't wait to marry your daughter!'

The young woman said in a sad tone, "He has feelings for a woman. I heard his brother calling some other woman his 'sister-in-law.' Wesley won't marry me!"

Blair finally remembered who this woman was. She was Stella Zhuge, the daughter of TS Group's CEO.

Niles also recalled who the woman was—the perfume witch.

"If he really loved that woman, he'd have married her. He is more than thirty years old, and yet he is still single. That can only mean that he doesn't love her," Stella's mother said.

It was as if this night had a grudge against Blair. First, it was Megan, and now Stella's mother.

While Blair was immersed in her thought, something flashed past her and rushed towards the mother and daughter. "You have feelings for my brother?"

It was none other than Niles.

Blair immediately ran over to him and said, "Niles, what are you doing?"

Niles didn't respond to her. Instead, he stared at the mother and daughter with an unpleasant expression.

Stella put on a wide grin as soon as she recognized him. "Hi, I remember you. You are Wesley's brother."

Crossing his arms in disapproval, Niles spat, "Don't pretend like we're chums. I'm only here to tell you one thing." He pointed his finger at Blair and continued, "This is Blair Jing, my sister-in-law. She and my brother are legally wife and husband. You want to marry my brother? Ha! In your dreams! He is head over heels in love with Blair."

'Legally wife and husband?' Blair tugge

w months later, so he could tell her about the license then. How did she suddenly know about it?

Wesley mulled it over for a while. 'She and Niles bullied Megan together this evening. I guess this must have something to do with my foolish brother.'

Thinking of this, he called Niles. "Hi, Wesley!" Niles' voice was always so cheerful.

"Where are you?"

"Um...I know why you are calling me. But you can't put the blame on me. You know I'm siding with Blair. I had to do as she said, right?"

"She asked you to tell her that we were married?" Wesley said coldly.

"Huh? Of course...not."

"Niles Li, you are a dead man!"

Niles shivered upon hearing that. "Bro, Blair and I are still at the party. You can only count on me to keep an eye on her. If you blame me for that, I'll encourage her to cheat on you."

'Cheat on me?' Wesley chuckled. "You can try. If you pointed a gun at her head and asked her to cheat on me, she still wouldn't do it." Wesley's voice was filled with pride. No one knew Blair better than he did.

"Humph!" Niles snorted. "Then do you want me to drive her back home or not? I can always let that foreigner drive her back. I took a closer look at him. Wait, what is his name? Oh Orion! He is a handsome guy. I really want a nephew. If Blair gives birth to a half-caste, I'll be thrilled."

"You idiot! If she gives birth to a half-caste, it won't be your nephew," Wesley reminded his brother in a cold voice. 'I haven't seen him in just a couple days and already he sounds dumber than before.'

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