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   Chapter 720 Whom Will You Side With

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'899?' After thinking about it for a moment, Wesley asked, "899 dollars?" He knew next to nothing about cosmetics. In his mind, since Blair was so angry that Megan had destroyed her Perfecting Cushion, he imagined that it must have been pretty expensive.

"Ugh!" Blair closed her eyes to calm herself down, but she was still furious. "RMB!" she yelled. "It cost 899 yuan!"

'Only 899 RMB? That's cheap. Why is she so angry about this?' Wesley wondered, confused about her reaction. "It's just a cosmetic, Blair. Don't be mad. Megan is only a student. She doesn't have any money to replace it. I'll get you a new one."

Blair flared up. "She doesn't have money? Is that why she's going around breaking my stuff? Then why is she wearing designer clothes? Don't think that I'm not aware it's you who has been supporting her since Mr. Huo had the car accident."

She had long known this, but had never mentioned it before. Since she was not Wesley's wife, she thought that she had no right to ask him not to support Megan.

"Yes. It was Carlos who had been supporting her. I should be responsible for her in his absence," Wesley answered in a matter-of-fact tone. Poor Wesley. He still didn't know why she was mad.

When Blair saw Megan's smug face, her heart sank. She asked, "Wesley Li, do I wear a deadpan face every day? Am I like a dead fish in bed? Am I not as attractive as Patty Chang?" Megan had just told her that Wesley had told her all these things.

Megan didn't think that Blair would confront him. Her heart was in her mouth. If Blair told him that it was she who had said all those things, they would realize that she was trying to drive a wedge between them. She had to do something to stop her from saying any further. "Aunt Blair, please don't be mad at Uncle Wesley because of me. He loves you a lot. Don't overreact, okay? I'll get you a new Perfecting Cushion, alright?" she said loudly so that Wesley could hear from the other end.

Blair wished that she could slap the bitch in the face right then. "Shut the fuck up! No one is talking to you here."

Megan blinked her innocent eyes and answered in a pitiful tone, "Okay."

Wesley tried to coax Blair, "This is just a trivial matter, Blair. Don't make it a big deal. Since you don't want me or her to buy a new one for you, you can buy it yourself. Just let me know if you need any money. I'll wire it to you."

Blair's mouth hung open as she listened to his casual reply, and her face turne


Blair put his phone on the countertop and scolded Megan, "Don't you dare cry! My lipstick is not waterproof. If you destroy the make-up, I'll have to paint your face all over again."

When she was finally done, Blair took a photo of Megan's face and sent it to Wesley. "I did Megan's new make-up. How does she look?"

After sending that message, she added, "You better think about your reply very carefully."

"All right. We're done here. Let's go, Niles." Blair threw her Perfecting Cushion and lipstick into the bin, grabbed her stuff and started to leave.

Niles released Megan and washed his hands. He grabbed his phone and left with Blair.

Wesley still didn't reply to Blair's message, so she sent him another one. "I've thought well about your previous suggestion, and I think it makes sense. Niles is a good man and is a respectable doctor. His job is less dangerous than yours and he is highly paid. What's more, he would be able to keep me company every day. I have decided to take your suggestion and date Niles."

This time, her phone started ringing and she answered it. "Megan looks great with that make-up," he said.

Blair sneered. "Too late. I've made up my mind. I'm staying at Niles' place tonight."

Niles' eyes went wide in fear and he started to panic. "Blair! I just helped you! Don't get me into trouble!"

After hanging up on Wesley, she turned to Niles with a smile. "Just kidding. I'm not interested in a kid like you. I like real men, like your brother."

"Hey, hey! I'm not a kid. I'm a doctor, and many people speak very highly of me."

Blair giggled. "Alright, Doctor Li. Let's go."

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