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   Chapter 719 She Did It On Purpose

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7756

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"Tell me what's going on!" Wesley's voice was cold.

Niles hid himself in the dark and stuck his head out to look at the man and Blair. "The man has Blair cornered against a window," he said into the phone in a low voice.


"His hands are palm-down on the wall, arms perfectly spaced on either side of her body," Niles whispered.

Wesley's hands balled into fists. "And?"

"Don't worry, bro. Wow! Awesome!"

"What happened?" Wesley's heart skipped a beat as he didn't know what had happened.

Despite his excitement, Niles kept a low voice and explained, "Your wife just kicked the man right in the crotch. I heard her yelling at him, 'Hey! Are you kidding me? Have you even looked at yourself in the mirror and wished you could lose some of that ugly flab? If you bug me again, I'll call my husband and ask him to throw you into the sea while we watch the sharks tear you apart!'"

Wesley's face flashed a wide grin. 'Great! I'm glad she could think of me in times of trouble.' He told Niles, "Carry on!"

Niles did as he was told. "The man's not happy. Oh no, he caught her arm! Did you hear that scream? Don't worry. It was the guy screaming. Blair bit into his hand."

Niles hung up on Wesley and sent him a video-call request. He felt it necessary to share this wonderful scene with his brother.

When the video call connected, Wesley saw that Blair still hadn't let go of the man's arm yet. Only after blood starting oozing out of his arm did she finally let him go.

She took out a wet napkin and began to wipe the blood off her lips. She glared down angrily at the man, who was unable to talk because of the pain. "You better pray my husband never sees you. He won't be as forgiving as I am."

"Fuck you!" In a fit of fury, the man sprang up to attack Blair.

'Holy crap!' Niles cursed inwardly. In an instant, he rushed to them, while he was still on the video call and shouted, "Hang on!"

Niles jumped right in between them and grabbed the man's arm just as he was about to hit Blair. "Men do not raise their hands on women!" he said, puffing his chest out.

"Who the hell are you?" the man spat in an acidic tone.

Niles released the man and rested his arms on his hips. Wearing a snarky smile on his face, he said, "I'm Superman!"

The man's face was livid, but he kne


"Pay for it?" Megan scoffed and rolled her eyes. "In your dreams. Wesley doesn't like you at all, and yet you keep bugging him like a pest. You know what? That night, he told me that he wished you were half as soft as me. He said you wore a deadpan face every day and your skills in bed matched those of a dead fish. He doesn't even think you're as attractive as Patty Chang."

Blair fished her phone out of her purse and called Wesley, hoping to wipe the smug look on Megan's face.

Megan noticed the caller ID—"Him"—and wondered, 'Is she calling Wesley?'

She felt a little nervous as she didn't think Blair was actually going to call him.

Just when the call went through, Blair was the first to speak. "Wesley!"


"Your cute, soft and caring niece ruined my Perfecting Cushion. And she did it on purpose!" Blair said.

'Cushion? What is that? Air cushion bed? Air cushion ship?'

While Wesley was pondering over this, Megan's voice came from the other end of the line. "Uncle Wesley, it was an accident. Blair, will you please forgive me? It's just a Perfecting Cushion. I'll buy you a new one."

'Huh? Is this Megan Lan the best actress or something?' Blair rolled her eyes and retorted, "No! I won't forgive you. Wesley, what are you going to do about this?"

After a short pause, Wesley asked honestly, "What is a Perfecting Cushion?"

Blair's jaw dropped to the floor. She realized that the man knew next to nothing about cosmetics. "It's a cosmetic tool. I spent 899 on it. I barely got to use it!"

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