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   Chapter 718 Are You Sure You Want To Offend Me

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Niles couldn't believe what Wesley had just asked him. "Hello? I have to work too, you know. I'll be late if I send her off first," he protested.

"Figure it out yourself," the elder brother nonchalantly replied.

"Fine. All right." Niles had no other choice but to comply with Wesley's demand.

"Second, you have to update me with how she is, every day."

"But I'm not a spy," Niles retorted. But he knew Wesley wouldn't take no for an answer. "Okay, fine. I'll update you every day," he replied in defeat.

"That's all I'm asking you. Promise me you won't forget."

"Yeah, yeah. Those are just two things. I won't forget," Niles promised. "Hey, Wesley, you have red marks on your neck. What's wrong?" Niles' eyes widened in surprise.

Wesley cast a warning glance at him. His eyes were sharp and fierce. Before leaving the office, he gave Niles a few reminders. "Her work starts at 8 in the morning. Her shift ends at 6 in the afternoon. Keep that in mind, yeah?"

"Don't change the topic. What is wrong with your neck? Were you bitten by mosquitoes?" Niles knew well enough they were love bites. He rarely got the chance to make fun of the soldier and he was not letting this chance pass. He knew his brother was never a good liar.

Wesley stopped in his tracks and turned around to face his younger brother. "So, I had a romantic night with my wife. What's wrong with that? Are you jealous? Go find a girlfriend so you could do the same," he said matter-of-factly.

"Okay, get out. Now! Our conversation is over," Niles spat. 'Now I'm questioning the reason he came back. It might not be because of Blair's leg injury. I think he just wanted to have sex with her, ' he thought.

'It looks like they're in a good place right now. Soon enough, I'll be an uncle. I really hope it's a boy so he could give Wesley a living hell.'

Blair was used to being away from Wesley most of the time. She woke up the next morning knowing he was gone before she even opened her eyes.

After she ate her breakfast, she went to snoop around their place hoping to find her morning-after pills. That was when she remembered Wesley's warning from last night. "If you take the pills again, I'll keep you from getting out of our house. You won't be getting out until we get a baby."

Blair was frozen in her tracks. She stopped looking for the pills. She knew Wesley was not bluffing. She didn't want to get grounded. It was more terrifying than when she was younger.

Suddenly, her phone started to ring. It was a call from Niles. "Good morning, Nile

was holding a glass of red wine while talking to a woman. Her face was adorned by her beautiful smile.

In the second photo, she was drinking wine, her head slightly raised, revealing her neck.

Wesley had to admit Niles took great photos. He felt good looking at them.

He kept on enjoying the photos. In the next one, Blair was chatting with a group of people. He was about to move on when he saw a hand out of place.

Wesley zoomed in the photo. A frown formed on his face. The hand was placed on Blair's waist, too big to be a woman's.

Wesley's hand shook a little. The photo he was looking at snapped back to its normal size. He was unable to tell whose hand it was by just looking at the picture.

He found no other trace of the said hand in other photos, so he called Niles. "Where is she?" He did not beat around the bush.

Niles knew who Wesley was referring to. He scanned the area but didn't find Blair. "Huh? This is strange. She was just right here."

"Go find her!" Wesley ordered.

"Okay, okay. Is everything alright?"

Wesley remained silent on the other end of the line. "Don't hang up."

"Okay, sure." Niles went to look for her everywhere, but he still couldn't find Blair. Both she and Orion were nowhere to be found.

He walked past a corner, and there he heard a familiar voice. "Of course."

Niles remained quiet as he extended his neck to see where the voice was coming from. He saw a man pressing Blair against the wall by a window.

It was pretty dark, and Niles was unable to make out Blair's face. The two looked quite intimate.

Before he could even say anything, Wesley asked, "Have you found her?"

"Umm, yeah. She seems to be in big trouble."

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