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   Chapter 716 I Ordered The Barbecue

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Niles pursed his lips helplessly. "I know, but my brother gave me an order. I have to."

The nurse sighed, "Fine."

After the nurse left, Blair anxiously asked Niles, "Does your brother know about my accident? Did you tell him?"

Niles didn't want to admit he had a big mouth, so he lied, ", not me. My brother probably sent someone to keep tabs on you. He's done this kind of thing before..."

Blair believed him. It sounded reasonable. She looked around the place just in case. But she didn't see anyone suspicious-looking.

Niles got her a ward and then took her to the examination rooms. Since her leg was wounded, he gallantly offered to carry her on his back. It would save a lot of time and pain. But Blair turned him down. Niles got angry and complained, "Look, it only takes about 30 minutes for an exam. But with you limping all the way, it'll take 3 times as long."

"No way! I don't want a piggyback ride from you." That was Wesley's privilege, not anyone else's.

The young doctor rolled his eyes. Why care about such a minor thing at a time like this? "Fine. Whatever." He suddenly came up with a good idea. "Wait, let me get a wheelchair."

Blair flashed a sweet smile. "Thanks, Niles!"

He shook his head resignedly. He wondered what he'd done wrong in a previous life to deserve this. Did he owe these two anything?

After a moment, Niles came back with a wheelchair. He waited till she sat down, and then wheeled her to the different examination rooms as necessary. Once they reached the lab, she whispered to Niles, "Can I stop now? I don't like having my blood drawn. Your brother's not here anyway. I'm feeling a lot better, except my leg, of course."

Niles sighed, "My brother will double-check everything. I'm not really keen on lying to him, anyway. Just finish up quickly, okay?"

"Why do you fall in line so easy? Tell him to go to hell sometimes," Blair grumbled.

Niles wheeled her over and moved out of the way so the phlebotomist could do her work. "Come on," Niles said with an evil grin. "It's fun to see the look in your eyes, the sweat beading on your forehead..."

Blair was stunned. "Are you a psycho?"


She was speechless, and just squeezed her eyes shut as the needle poked her.

Like Wesley ordered, Niles had to wheel Blair t

. 'Oh crap!' she exclaimed in her mind. The sullen man approaching them was Wesley, but he was stationed at the border. Why was he here?

Wesley cast a glance at the table full of barbecue and then shifted his eyes to the milk tea in Blair's hand. Without warning, he grabbed Niles by his collar and snarled, "You have a death wish, don't you?"

Blair was a patient. How could he let her eat junk food? Wesley was seething in anger.

"No, no. I ordered vegetables for her. I made a special order with no spices. Hey, don't beat me. Let's talk... Ah!" Wesley's fist pounding his face interrupted him.

The young doctor's shriek snapped Blair back to reality. She quickly stood on one foot and grabbed the soldier's arm. "Cut it out. I ordered this stuff myself. The milk tea too. It wasn't his fault."

Niles nodded repeatedly. "I wheeled your wife around the whole hospital. It was exhausting. Don't I deserve a little credit? You're such a jerk!"

"What's the prognosis, doc?" Wesley loosened his grip and Niles instantly fell onto the ground.

The doctor heaved a sigh of relief. As he massaged his face, he said, "Don't know yet. It's late. We'll find out more tomorrow."

"Get lost!"

"I'm not done." Niles picked up another skewer of kebab, wearing a pathetic face, and took a few quick bites.

"Take your food and go!" Wesley glared at the food.

"Okay, okay." Niles quickly packed all the food into the boxes and got ready to leave.

"How about Blair? She hasn't eaten either," he asked before he left the ward.

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