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   Chapter 714 Have A Craving For A Smoke

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Wesley only had a few days of vacation to enjoy and now he was being summoned again.

Knowing that he couldn't decline this task, Wesley had no choice but to accept it. He straightened up and saluted the old leader. "Yes, sir. Thank you for your trust. I'll make sure to carry out the task successfully!"

"Good. Go back and pack your luggage. You need to set out this afternoon."

"Yes, sir!"

After coming out from the old leader's office, Wesley absentmindedly walked to a corner and took out his lighter. He groped his pockets for a cigarette, but he couldn't find one.

It dawned on him that he had quit smoking for some time now because he wanted to have a baby with Blair. Now that he was assigned with a task again and would be leaving home, he had to put his plan aside. That meant that a cigarette was in order.

He hurried back to the apartment, hoping to see Blair there. Or if possible, he wanted to have sex with her one more time before he set out.

However, the apartment was quiet. She was probably at work.

Dejected, he walked towards his bedroom to pack his luggage. When he walked through the living room, he happened to notice a glass and a box of medicine on the table.

He grabbed the box and took a closer look. To his astonishment, it was a box of birth control pills.

Upon realizing what they were, he quickly opened the box and checked it. A few pills were missing. Blair must have taken them.

In an instant, his face darkened. He desperately wanted to have a baby with Blair, but she had been secretly taking birth control pills.

Drowning in a mixture of anger and sadness, he gripped the box tightly, crumpling it, and then tossed it into the bin.

Meanwhile, Blair was handling the work that Rebecca had left behind, when suddenly she got a call from Wesley. "Come downstairs. I'm in front of your company building," he said.

Blair was perplexed. What was he doing there at this hour? "What's going on? Did something happen?"


Blair immediately hung up the phone and went downstairs.

She easily spotted the black Hummer and Wesley smoking a cigarette in the distance.

'Didn't he say that he would quit smoking? Why is he smoking now?' she wondered in confusion as she walked towards him.

Wesley put out the cigarette and threw it into the bin. When she was standing in front of him, he went straight to the point. "I'm being deployed to the border area of the country this afternoon."

'The border area?' "Hmm." Blair gave a slight nod, betraying no emotion on her face.

Wesley looked her in the eye and added, "I'll be gone for three to six months. It depends."

"Okay..." She still maintained her composure, but deep down, she felt like she would break into tears at any time.

Blair's nonchalant responses angered him even more, and he pulled he

to check her Moments and know more about her daily life even in the dead of night.

"Got it."

She replied to all his messages succinctly. But the truth was that she wanted to ask him a lot of questions. Had he arrived there safely? Had he settled down? How was the weather there? But she didn't have the courage to ask.

Not knowing since when, things between Wesley and Blair had changed. It seemed like they had switched roles.

In the past, Blair was the one to actively pursue Wesley. She deliberately moved to his apartment complex and became his neighbor; she always sent him messages; she was the one to make the first move and flirt with him.

But now, he was the one running after her.

The only difference was that he acted more overbearingly than she did. For instance, he had moved all her things to his apartment without even asking her and made her live with him.

He'd offered to drive her to work and then back home after work. He'd always look for a chance to kiss her.

And now, he was the one who sent her messages asking her to update her Moments more often.

Blair smiled sweetly at the thought of it. She understood his behavior because she had done that before. It was clear to her that he loved her.

Yet, she wasn't sure how long his love for her would last.

After some hesitation, Blair decided to ask her question. "Did you get there safely?"

Wesley replied to her message in a heartbeat. "Yes, I did."

She stared at the screen in a daze. Her phone beeped again. "I miss you."

Tears sprang to her eyes.

Blair didn't text back. She didn't know if she missed him or not, but she couldn't sleep a wink last night without him by her side.

It wasn't until two weeks later when Blair remembered the video file Wesley had mentioned. Since she had just clocked out from work, she quickly returned to her office to pick up her laptop.

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