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   Chapter 713 How Dare You

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"Anywhere's fine. My brother's too stingy. I can't even deal with him. Don't worry, Blair. I'll be sure to send you off somewhere my brother won't find you," Niles declared with determination.

Blair was rendered speechless. 'Wesley? Stingy?' She thought the opposite though. This was the first time someone had called Wesley stingy. He had always been generous to her. He was quite possibly the most giving man Blair had ever known.

The clothes she was wearing were given by him as well.

"So, how does my plan sound? Any good? Please really think about it. I pity you and really want to help." Niles opened a bag of sunflower seeds as he offered his advice.

Blair found his idea a little bit laughable. Niles was such a cute guy. She suddenly started to question whether he and Wesley were really brothers. Their personalities were the polar opposite of each other. Wesley was serious and intense while Niles was funny and mild. The older one always beat up the younger one, but the latter would never learn better than to pull a prank on Wesley. Blair shook her head, almost smiling. "How are we going to execute this brilliant plan of yours then? Your brother is very influential. He has a lot of connections. You're aware of that, right? He's a top-notch soldier with great investigative skills. He also possesses a great eye for observation and capturing fugitives. Additionally, he has access to the most advanced tracking equipment available in the country. So, how are you going to help me get rid of him?"

It was the very reason she didn't even try to run away the night before. She knew it would all be for naught, and went back home with Wesley.

It was useless to get rid of him if it was not what he wanted. He'd be able to follow her wherever she was on the face of the earth.

She found no reason to waste her effort shaking him off her tracks. It was wiser to wait for the day Wesley grew tired of her. Only then she'd be able to run away from him.

Niles was at a loss for words. Her words discouraged him.

She was right though. He was only a doctor. While he spent his days in air conditioned rooms at the hospital, Wesley was out there ridding the country of its enemies. He was simply too powerful for Niles.

Blair noticed how he grew silent. "So, don't even try to fight him now. Don't be reckless, okay? We won't be able to run away from your brother." As soon as she spoke those words into existence, a strange feeling loomed in on her. She thought, 'Wait, it sounded like the two of us are planning...'

"Want to elope?"

a voice asked, as if reading her mind.

'That's right! It sounded like the two of us are planning to elope, ' Blair thought, nodding.

'Wait, who was that? That sounded very much like Wesley!' Blair snapped back to reality. She lifted her head to see wher

n a group of soldiers. I hope you understand," the older man pleaded.

"Can't you at least put it off?" Wesley bargained. His wife was still mad at him. He needed a little more time to win her over again.

The old leader sighed, "The schedule is fixed. I can't make any more changes."

"Sir, I'm thirty-one." He paused for a while before he continued, "But I still have no child yet."

He had planned to devote this entire vacation to Blair. They were in a good place to start a family. All of a sudden, he was being summoned for work again and was told his vacation needed to be cut short.

Wesley's superior felt a little guilty trying to separate the couple so soon. "The only thing I could do is let you bring your wife along."

'Take Blair with me over there?' Wesley's lips were pressed into a line. He was designated to the Gobi desert. Its peak temperature was up to more than fifty degrees Celsius. They would sometimes need to train on a plateau with an altitude of more than a thousand meters. The temperature there varied widely from day to night. Additionally, there would be no constant source of water. He wouldn't want to have Blair suffer under these harsh conditions. The mere thought of this pained his heart. He would never put her in such difficult situations. He'd never allow it.

"Just put it off for a month," he negotiated. He knew well enough the chance of them changing the schedule was close to none, but he still wanted to give it a try.

"I'm afraid that's impossible. You used to accept any missions without hesitation. I knew this day would come. I understand that you have a wife now, but this is an urgent mission. You're the most suitable for the job. Only you can put those soldiers in shape." The older man truly felt sorry for Wesley. He promised him two months' worth of vacation. He deserved it. But he was breaking his promise.

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