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   Chapter 711 I Miss My Brother

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Orion hurried to the two arguing women. He glanced at Blair with a complicated look in his eyes before telling Rebecca, "It was the decision of the board of directors to fire you. Miss Jing had nothing to do with it. If you have any doubts or complaints, please bring them to me. Stop putting innocent people on the spot."

Clearly, Orion was frustrated. Although he was the CEO of the company, the real power was still in the hands of his grandfather.

Every time his grandfather issued an order, not only did he have to say yes, but even the board of directors followed suit without hesitation.

The personnel transfer concerning Rebecca and Blair was also his grandfather's order. Earlier, all the old man did was merely speak a few words to all the directors on the board and just like that, the decision was made. Before long, the personnel manager executed the decision in an efficient way.

Since Orion still cared about Blair, he wanted to get to the bottom of it. As a result, he decided to confront his grandfather. The old man told him that Rebecca had offended a big shot with great influence, who they couldn't afford to be on bad terms with if they wanted to develop their business in this city.

That was all the information his grandfather parted with and as for the details, he kept most of it on the hush-hush. A few minutes ago, the old man asked him to handle the matter personally.

On his way to the translation department, Orion more or less figured out who the big shot was. It had to be Wesley.

Although the other colleagues assumed that Orion might be Blair's mysterious husband, Rebecca didn't think that was the case. After all, Orion usually spoke English, but Blair's husband spoke standard Chinese.

Since the CEO himself had stepped in to deal with the matter, Rebecca instantly pulled back from making a scene, although she was still curious about Blair's husband. "Is Blair's husband a member of the board?"

Blair thought that Rebecca's curiosity was a bit ridiculous. What was the point now? Why was she so interested in who her husband was?

Orion took one good look at Blair and then at Rebecca. "That's a private question. You'd better ask Miss Jing yourself. But now if you don't have any other questions, please pack your things and leave the company."

There was a finality in the CEO's tone. Rebecca realized she had no choice but to shut her mouth and pack up her things.

Just as Orion was about to leave, Blair stopped him. "Orion, I'm sorry to trouble you," she apologized.

Orion smiled. "No big deal."

"Well, actually, I think you should talk to the

e the deeds of a good guy?" Niles happily got in his car and drove towards Eastern Coastal Apartments while he spoke to Blair on the phone.

"Well... I see what you mean." Since Wesley was sitting right next to her, she didn't want to say too much.

Niles was just glad that Blair agreed with him. "You see, I'm right. By the way, did you work overtime? Don't tire yourself out. You should take care, keep healthy and give birth to my brother's baby as soon as possible. I want a nephew."

Blair was rendered speechless. She would have kept silent if she could. However, moving a little closer to the window, she coughed and muttered, "Maybe your brother has a son already. You should go ask him."

Her words finally caught the driver's attention. He didn't hear it clearly but he was sure they were talking about him. "What do I already have?"

Blair failed to hear what Wesley said, because Nile's dramatic voice overpowered Wesley's on the phone. "How can that be? My brother would never betray you. Blair, don't think too much and don't ever doubt him. I know he's been away for two years, but he's not that kind of a man. He's a righteous man."

When she recalled what happened last night, she felt gloomy again. "Hmm." That was her response.

Niles sensed the unhappiness in her voice. "Blair, I'm driving. Let's talk when we meet. I haven't had dinner yet. Can I have a free meal?"

"Sure!" Blair was hungry too. Perhaps, they could dine together.

As soon as she hung up, Wesley asked his question again, "What do I already have?"

"No, nothing." Blair leaned back in her seat and looked out the window. Obviously, she didn't want to speak with him.

Despite feeling helpless, Wesley had no choice but to remain silent.

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