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   Chapter 710 Big Man

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"If she were a good manager, your company couldn't have fired her like that. It wasn't hard. The wrong word went in the right ear. Think about it. Anyway, it's not your fault. You don't need to feel sorry for her," Wesley said on the other end.

Blair didn't know what to say, unconvinced by his explanation. She guessed it had to do with Wesley's family. They had considerable influence in the city. Whoever fired Rebecca might have wanted to get on Wesley's good side.

She touched her forehead, baffled. "Don't do this. I didn't earn this. Everyone knows," she said in a low voice.

What would her colleagues think about her? Probably what she was thinking already. That she knew someone, and that someone got her promoted.

"I didn't do anything. They were already thinking of promoting you. I just upped their timetable some. I don't have that much pull."

Blair frowned, not knowing how to get him to stop this. He seemed to have an answer for everything, and insisted he had nothing to do with it. She sighed, "Come on. I was constantly taking time off. And I was becoming a liability. If my manager got on my case, then she probably felt justified doing so."

"I can't understand why you've put up with her for such a long time. What's done is done, though. She gives you any more grief, I'll handle it in person."

"No, no... Please, don't," Blair begged anxiously.

She was confused. That wasn't Wesley's style. He was generally a reasonable man, but why didn't he listen to her? He was stubbornly digging in, determined to see Rebecca fired.

He even said he would come to her company to handle it in person. Suddenly, Blair recalled the time she resigned from the Jin Group. If Wesley got involved, she was afraid Orion's company might go up in flames too. She didn't need that.

Wesley said with a smile, "Just leave it alone. I'll have someone handle it."

Blair thought she was in the wrong and Wesley was too harsh. She took a look at Rebecca, who was now glowering at her. Obviously, there was no way to smooth things over with her. So she had no choice but to agree. "Okay."

Rebecca saw Blair hang up, but she didn't say anything.

When she didn'

so hot!' she thought.

Blair noticed the change on her face. She leaned forward and reminded her, "So? Did he answer? Now's your chance."

Rebecca came back to her senses and cleared her throat. She turned around and walked off to a private alcove.

Blair's lips twitched. 'Hey, that's my phone.'

Rebecca suddenly stopped in her tracks. Blair heard her say, "I have something to say to you."

Blair didn't know what Wesley had said on the other end, but Rebecca suddenly raised her voice and shouted, "What do you mean I'm not qualified? Who are you? I want to see you come here and say that to my face! Is that your M.O.? Dealing with a weak woman over the phone? Ooh! Big man."

Blair's brows knitted tightly as she heard Rebecca talk to Wesley like this. In a fit of anger, she strode towards her and grabbed her phone back. She hung it up and ended the call. "Who do you think you are? You can't talk to my husband like that! You wanted my husband to come talk to you? You're not good enough to warrant a face-to-face firing."

Rebecca's face twisted in anger. When she was about to retort, Orion and his assistant stormed into the translation department.

For a moment, everyone thought that Orion was Blair's mysterious husband.

After all, Orion was the boss. He could fire or promote anyone at his whim.

When they caught sight of their boss, they all went back to work. They weren't going to hang around and risk their necks too.

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