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   Chapter 708 Worry About Yourself

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6902

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Baldwin had nothing to say to that. He had to go and knock on the housemaid's door.

After getting the recipe from him, Wesley began to make the soup.

Blair was sound asleep when she heard someone calling her name. It sounded like Wesley.

She opened her eyes and saw him pulling away her covers.

She was feeling sticky all over. She touched her forehead and found that it was sweating.

When Wesley came back after putting away the covers, he saw that she was awake. "The covers were too thick. You are sweating profusely," he explained.

"Oh," she responded lightly.

Wesley sat on her bedside and said, "Have some soup before going back to sleep." She nodded slowly, and he took the bowl of soup in his hand, ready to feed her.

Blair sat up meekly. She took a sip of it as Wesley placed the spoon to her lips after blowing on it gently.

Too much ginger gave it a funny taste. Blair winced, but finished the bowl without any complaint.

After he put down the bowl, she gazed at him for a moment. Then, she said, "I'm feeling hot. I want to take a bath."

Her sleepy expression, the beads of sweat on her forehead, and her sheer pajamas made her so attractive at that moment. Wesley gulped. "All right."

He carried her into the bathroom, ran the water for her and then left immediately.

Meanwhile, he went to her bedroom and took a shower. When he walked back into his room, Blair was still in the bathroom.

Wesley knew her pace, so he didn't rush her. He adjusted the temperature in the room and waited as he reclined on the headboard, doing something on his phone.

It was too late into the night, so Blair didn't wash her hair. After a while, she walked out of the bathroom in a bath towel.

Standing by the bathroom door, she blushed and said, "I... I don't have any clothes here." Her pajamas smelled of sweat. She didn't want to wear them again.

Wesley wanted to say, "Then, be naked." But he couldn't. She wasn't in the right mood.

He got off the bed, walked to the closet and grabbed a white shirt. "Wear this. I'll

, she wiped her eyes and went to sleep quickly.

In two years, he had gotten even fiercer in bed than before. It was just too much for her to handle.

Wesley left the bed and walked into the bathroom with a satisfied smile.

After freshening up, he got dressed and went to the police station.

On the way, he had someone get Blair's manager's phone number. "Is this Blair's manager?" he asked when the phone was connected.

"Yes. Who is this?"

"Her husband. She won't be coming in for work today. I'm calling to ask for the day off on her behalf."

The manager huffed and said impatiently, "Your wife has been absent from work too often. And she always waits to ask for leave till the next day. We require a prior written application for leave, at least a day in advance. I had once deducted her pay for three days because of this behavior. And she continues to do the same thing. Does she still want this job or not?"

Wesley frowned and gritted his teeth. He did not like the tone of her voice. "Is this how a manager of a company talks to people?

Do YOU still want your job or not?" Wesley wondered what was with Blair and her managers. Her previous supervisor was a home wrecker and this one sounded as if she were the ruler of the world. It was a mystery how or why Blair put up with this hostility and arrogance and stayed so long in Orion's company.

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