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   Chapter 707 Let’s Go Home

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Wesley heard the cops, he just didn't care. He continued choking Patty. "I don't give a damn about anyone. Except Blair. I'll beat you to a pulp if you keep pushing me. Start talking," he warned her.

He released her, giving her a shove. She tipped back in her chair and slid against the wall. She groaned and slumped down.

"I won't kill you today, because you're not worth it. I just don't have the time." He had to go check on Blair. Every second counted.

Patty was left gasping. She had her hand to her throat as she defiantly glared at Wesley, who was headed for the door. "If you leave, the police won't hear a word from me!" she threatened.

Wesley turned around. "Think I care? I have ways to make you talk. The only reason I stayed this long was to soften the blow, because it seemed like you really cared for me. Now you ticked me off. You hurt Blair, you'll know what hell tastes like."

Wesley left.

And Patty was dragged away by some of his soldiers. When she saw the men in green uniform, she realized Wesley meant what he said. She struggled hysterically, refusing to go with them.

But it was not up to her.

They took her away, and everybody knew where they were taking her.

It was said that at the army base there was an interrogation room designed for those too stubborn to talk. The methods used in that room would crack the toughest men, let alone a woman like Patty.

Once Wesley got in his car, he started calling Blair anxiously and repeatedly. Her phone was on, but she wouldn't pick up.

He located her phone via GPS. It showed that it was in her dorm. She was probably there too.

So Wesley raced to her dorm. He found her phone but not the girl.

"Not here? She say anything to you?" he asked her roommate.

The woman shook her head. "I don't know. I was video chatting with my family. I didn't hear a thing."

Wesley left with Blair's phone in hand.

He went to the apartment security guard and asked for the camera foot


Baldwin was already awake. He'd been jarred from his sleep by Cecelia's ringtone. So, when Wesley called him, he answered it very quickly. "Hi, Son, what's up?"

"Dad, I need to speak to Freda."

"Why? It's the middle of the night." Baldwin sat up on the bed. He turned on the lamp, put on his glasses and walked towards the door.

"I need a recipe," Wesley replied.

"Why so late? Did you just come back from a mission?" asked Baldwin.

"No, I'm on leave."

"On leave?" Baldwin frowned. He hadn't known that before. "Then are you coming out to visit?"

Wesley was silent.

He was still dealing with Blair. He wanted to wait. "Maybe later. I've got stuff to deal with first. How is Grandpa?"

"He is fine. He just wants a great-grandson."

Wesley didn't reply to that. He wanted a son too.

That was why he wanted to wait before he went to visit his family. He wanted to have a baby first. He was hoping that when he visited his family next time, it would be him, Blair, and their child.

Baldwin went to the first floor as he complained, "You want me to disturb Freda in the middle of the night just for a recipe? Can't you just find it online?"

"I did, and I read it. But it didn't look right." Even the colors in the picture were off. He was dubious as to whether it was authentic.

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