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   Chapter 704 He Is Faithful To Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6858

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A smile crept across Wesley's face when he sensed her fidgeting and realized she was edging closer to him. A clear sign that she was staking out her territory. He lowered his head and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

The kiss was comforting for Blair, but heartbreaking for Patty.

She had been with Wayne for more than a year. He had never given her that kind of comforting kiss.

In fact, she had never seen him kiss anyone. The harem that Wayne kept all knew that he could take a woman home, but he hated being kissed.

As time passed, some bolder women would try kissing his face, but never on the lips.

All of a sudden, many things made sense to Patty. People said Wayne was a player and had slept with tons of women.

Many women even boasted of how good he was in bed. But they never mentioned details.

So...that only meant one thing. Wayne's flirtation and promiscuous ways were only a pretense.

'Then what exactly happened on our wedding night?' Patty's face went pasty at that thought. She hadn't even seen his face that night. He insisted on complete darkness. Was that even him in her bed that night?

Patty couldn't bear the pain anymore. She shouted in tears, "I know your real name's Wesley. How could you treat me that way? My grandpa and I were so good to you. But you killed him! I loved you, but you put my parents in jail!"

Wesley looked at her through cold eyes. "They deserved it."

"Seriously? How could you even say that? What about you? You toyed with me and treated me like dirt. When will karma catch up with you?" Patty marched up to him as she spat those words. She was shaking from crying. She had never seen him so unfeeling.

"Toyed with you?" Wesley asked. "Did I ever say I liked you?" Before they got their marriage license, he told her in no uncertain terms that he didn't like her.

But Patty was head over heels in love with him. She told him that as long as they were married, nothing else mattered.

Now, she didn't know what to say. She thought that once they were married, she'

tty had no intention of leaving, she continued, "Buying the most expensive clothes and bags is too shallow for Wesley. Of course he didn't promise me that. The biggest difference between Wesley and Wayne is that Wesley doesn't make promises. He is a doer. Actually I don't need his promises, because he already bought me those fancy clothes and bags. I have everything I ever wanted. Before he left for his mission, he bought me so many bags, I could swap out purses every month for a year."

Patty stood in stunned silence. She felt that maybe Blair was right. That her marriage to Wayne had been a lie. Blair had a look of smug satisfaction on her face.

"Most importantly, I was his first and he was mine. Do you have any idea how wonderful that feels?" Blair never regretted giving her virginity to Wesley, even though it had started unpleasantly.

Patty couldn't say she understood the amazing feeling Blair was talking about, because she hadn't experienced anything like that. There hadn't been a man in her life who cared about her enough to do any of those things Blair talked about.

Before Wayne, she fooled around with many men. So many that she was too proud to ask any of them to do anything like this.

Wesley couldn't help smiling when he heard what Blair said. He'd chosen the right woman. He was happy to be back, and would give her a child.

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