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   Chapter 703 Time To Wake Up

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8237

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Wesley had been around explosions for his entire career in the military. Not long after he boarded the boat, he sensed danger. He just didn't know where it was.

He started looking for the source of the unease he felt. He rounded a corner, and saw a few gangsters. They were pushing and shoving each other, throwing punches, wrestling and generally making nuisances of themselves. Then, one of them was thrown into Wesley, nearly knocking him down. His Pixiu pendant fell from his pocket and clattered on the deck.

Wesley bent down to pick it up, but before he could grab it, those gangsters dashed over. One of them didn't see the pendant and accidentally kicked it. The pendant flew through the gap in the railings and dropped into the ocean.

It was a gift from Blair. It was just a trinket, and Wesley could carry it around without arousing any suspicion. But now it was in the ocean and sinking to the bottom. He had to get it back.

Without thinking, he jumped into the water. Before he could even start to locate the pendant, the boat exploded.

He wasn't far away from the boat when it happened.

The impact from the explosion sent him flying. When he hit the ocean again, he was barely conscious and seriously wounded. His ears rang loudly.

He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his breathing began getting shallow. Soon, he lost consciousness.

He was lucky, though. A boatman happened to be passing nearby. The mariner hauled the unconscious soldier out of the water.

The boatman called a tiny town on a secluded island home. The island dwellers lived a simple life. They had very few luxuries, and no doctors.

When they got sick, they had to hop a boat, travel for hours, and then transfer to a bus to get to the nearest hospital.

But Wesley's condition was serious, and the boatman had no money. After getting him home, he operated on the soldier, removing shrapnel, cleaning his wounds, and sewing him back up. That was the extent of what he could do for him.

But getting Wesley off the island was a problem. The boatman didn't have the time to deal with it, so he took Wesley to a shabby cabin and left him there. Live or die, he was on his own.

The boatman's wife berated the kind-hearted man every day, because he had saved Wesley's life. The soldier was dying, and the woman thought it was bad luck.

Fortunately, their children were as kind-hearted as the boatman. They covertly brought the unconscious man water, and

ed this man; she needed to see him again. And she did, only he was kissing another woman.

"Wayne," she called quietly. 'No, that's not his real name.' "Wesley," she called again.

The couple heard her. Wesley broke contact and looked in the direction of the voice.

Wesley recognized her right away. He was glad Patty was there. He had actually been looking for her. But right now, he was with Blair.

Blair was shy. Hearing a woman's voice, she pushed Wesley away.

He had to give up. He didn't turn around until he had straightened Blair's mussed hair for her. His arm was around Blair when he looked at Patty, whose face had turned pale.

When Blair turned around, she recognized her face. That was the woman she saw Wesley with at the club.

But this was almost a different woman. The woman at the club was a vixen, fake eyelashes, eyeliner, lipstick, and a sexy dress.

Today, she looked rather ordinary. Still pretty, but not so made up, in a plain black dress.

There was no love between these women who loved the same man. Blair subconsciously moved closer to Wesley, proclaiming ownership of the man beside her. In addition, Patty had married Wesley. Blair felt threatened.

She was also afraid. Afraid this woman was here to take Wesley away from her; and that Wesley's homecoming was just a fever dream.

Maybe it was time to wake up. It was possible that Wesley's mission wasn't over. Or that he really did love this other woman who he was married to. And she'd have to watch as they hugged and kissed, and be powerless to stop it.

If that was how it was gonna be, Blair would be crushed and devastated.

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