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   Chapter 702 I'll Play Along

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"Carlos has been in a coma all these years. He has not been conscious ever since the accident," Colleen told Blair. "James is as cunning as Megan. He had tried to ruin Debbie and Carlos' relationship even before the car accident. And since Curtis is Debbie's uncle, the old man kept throwing mud at him. It's a good thing that we all know his true colors and won't fall for his trap too easily."

"James? Isn't he Mr. Huo's father?" Blair asked in confusion.

"Yes, he is. Oh, don't tell anyone about what I just told you. We don't know James' true intentions yet, so the guys are trying to maintain a good relationship with him on the surface."

"Huh?" Blair's head went blank for a moment. "Fine..." 'I really don't understand these rich people. I thought all these fights over family money happened only in TV dramas.'

The two women chatted happily, and they even sat next to each other during dinner.

Colleen put some food onto Blair's plate and asked for her opinion on the dishes.

Wesley was frustrated. Colleen was stripping him off his right to serve his lady. "Colleen, you should go and take care of your man," he said grumpily.

"What?" Colleen raised her head to look at Wesley in confusion.

Curtis smirked. "Senior Colonel Li is getting jealous. Babe, come here."

"Jealous? Why?" Colleen was even more confused now.

"He wanted to serve Blair, but you stole his spotlight," Curtis explained.

Colleen's eyes widened and a wide smile spread across her face. "Oops! I'm sorry, Wesley. I'll leave it up to you then."

Wesley rolled his eyes and picked up his chopsticks. He removed the food from Blair's plate and put it onto his. "She doesn't like this dish," he told Colleen.

"Oh," said Colleen with an amused look as she stared between the couple. In order to not embarrass Colleen, Blair hurriedly said, "Don't listen to him." She didn't think of herself as a picky eater. Even though she disliked some food, she could still take a bite or two.

"I know what you like and don't. Let me serve you," Wesley offered.

Damon rolled his eyes and complained, "Come on, d

enger door of his car.

Blair took a deep breath and touched his cheek lovingly. "You are a hero; I can't break your heart."

She refused to get in the car, and Wesley had to make her sit in the seat.

"I'm just an ordinary man, Blair." Wesley didn't want to be a hero in front of her. He just wanted to be her man.

Blair rolled her eyes. "Senior Colonel Li, you really have become a smooth-talker. I guess you've had lots of practice with other women, huh?"

Wesley didn't respond. He shut the door, got into the driver's seat and sped away from the Orchid Private Club.

Blair thought that Wesley would remain silent all the way. To her surprise, he said in a serious tone, "I admit that I hugged those women in D City. But I assure you that I never betrayed you, mentally or physically. On the wedding night, it was not me, but one of Patty's men who had sex with her."

Blair looked out the window, clutching her purse tighter.

"I almost died in the explosion, had it not been..." he paused. Blair's heart skipped a beat.

Malcolm had set up a trap to find out who had betrayed him.

He was the kind of person who would gladly kill innocent people to meet his goals.

He had placed bombs in that ship, though there were several hundred people on it.

Malcolm had told Wesley not to go, but he had his own reason to be there. So, he created a false identity to go aboard the ship.

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