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   Chapter 701 Let Him Kneel Before You

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7414

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Wesley cast a glance at Blair as he stated the reason he quit smoking. 'Why is Wesley looking at me like that? I'm not part of the next generation, ' Blair thought. Apparently, his point went over her head.

'Forget the next generation. There's a bloodied jerk kneeling before me! This is so awkward, ' she cursed inwardly.

Wesley obviously had no plan to intervene. Blair tugged at his sleeve and whispered to him, "Ask him to get on his feet first."

"Why?" he asked. "Just let him kneel before you until you're ready to forgive him." 'But I never asked him to kneel before me. He did it on his own, ' she thought.

"I'm not comfortable with him on his knees. You wronged me quite a lot of times too. Why don't you get down on your knees too until I'm ready to forgive you?" Blair replied.

Wesley's eyes showed that he was perplexed. After a long pause, he said, "I'll kneel before you when we're alone." His voice was so low only Blair could hear him.

'What? I was just joking. Did he take me seriously? Did he not know it was a joke?' Blair rolled her eyes and clarified, "Gee, I was just kidding." An awkward smile appeared on her face. 'I wouldn't dare ask Mr. Perfect to kneel before me.

But now it looks like he'll never take over this current thing. In that case, I guess I have to solve it myself.

Now that this jerk is here, kneeling before me, I must take this chance to teach him a lesson.' Blair glared at Mr. Liu, her eyes like daggers. "For Wesley's sake, I will forgive you this time. But I'm warning you. If you dare mess with me again— Not just me. If you touch another woman again without their consent, I will come for you. Do you promise me?"

"I promise! I won't force anyone. If you don't believe me, I'm willing to make an oath," Mr. Liu answered hastily. To be completely honest, he wasn't that horny. The only reason he forced himself on Blair was that she was very attractive and he was drunk.

Wesley taught him a lesson that was quite hard to forget. He wouldn't dare make the same mistake again.

"All right. I hope you keep your word," Blair replied. She thought it was better to get rid of the problem as soon as possible. That way, Wesley wouldn't have to carry


"Why not? I'd like to give it a try."

"Okay. Let me see other dishes. Oh by the way, have you seen Debbie recently?" Colleen asked.

"No." Blair shook her head. Debbie was yet to get in touch with anyone after she left Y City.

Not long after Debbie had left, Wesley had left for D City as well. Blair had been too concerned about Wesley's safety to care enough about Debbie.

"She's in Z Country now. Last time I was there, I heard she'd become a pop star. I wanted to visit her, but Curtis stopped me. He said maybe she wanted to be left alone, and asked me to not disturb her."

"Really?" Blair sank into her thoughts for a moment. "Maybe Mr. Huo's death has something to do with it. I can imagine how traumatizing a loved one's death could be." Two years had passed, but Blair still couldn't believe Debbie betrayed Carlos.

Blair thought she and Debbie were the same. Even if Wesley left for ten years, she would still love him and remain faithful to him.

That was when Colleen decided to tell Blair the truth. After all, Blair was not an outsider. "Didn't Wesley tell you? Carlos is still alive!"

"What?" Blair was frozen in awe. She never knew it was possible.

"Yeah! We just heard. Wesley found out even later. Wesley, Damon and Curtis believe there's something wrong with James. They suspect he's hiding something. They're going to talk about it later."

Blair blinked in disbelief. "Then where's Mr. Huo? Why hasn't he contacted Debbie?"

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