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   Chapter 699 Don't Let Her Down

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6931

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"I feel you, but Blair's having a really hard time of it. When you were by her side, she was happy. But things were different when you left. You focused on your job, and you weren't there when she needed you. But she didn't hate you for it. She just told me she missed you—a lot.

And Blair was in a really bad way after hearing you were dead. I really hate to remember those days. She used to be so strong. She hadn't contemplated suicide once, not even after her parents died. She tried to OD on sleeping pills after she learned you were dead. But in reality, you survived from the explosion and didn't even tell her. She waited for you, suffered for you, and then you run off and marry another woman. Oh, she knew it was your mission; she just couldn't accept it. She was a basket case then. Finally, she made the decision to dump you. It hurt, but what could she do?"

Actually, Wesley already knew about this. But hearing it from Joslyn made his heart break into a thousand pieces. He felt bad for Blair, and hated himself for hurting her so deeply.

"So that's how she ended up embracing hookup culture," Joslyn said with a bitter smile. "You know her. She's actually a conservative gal. She decided to not love so deeply, to play the field, but she wasn't happy. She went out with a lot of guys, but never slept with them. Once she dated the youngest son of the Liu family, and he wanted more than she was willing to give. So he beat her and tried to rape her. Wacian came to her rescue. He even taught Mr. Liu a lesson. Frankly, I think Wacian let that guy off easy. What if he actually got his way with Blair? It's not easy to bounce back from that." Joslyn stopped and shot Wesley a meaningful look.

She was pretty sure she made her point.

Wesley said nothing. He took out a cigarette from the pack and played with it absent-mindedly.

"By the way, the cancer lie wasn't Blair's idea. Did you know that?" she asked.

Wesley's eyes darkened and he shook his head. Neither he nor Blair had mentioned the cancer thing after that.

Joslyn sighed. "I knew

racking her brain, she realized that they were the ones she'd bought in D City.

She had bought the clothes for him. But when she saw him holding two women, she threw the clothes in a nearby trash bin.

'Why is he wearing them? Did he fish them out of the trash can?'

No matter. Blair didn't care to hear his answer. She kept searching for her phone in her purse while trying to walk past him.

But he stepped in her path. She tried to move around him, but to no avail.

It was rush hour, and Wesley had attracted the curious eyes of many of her coworkers. Losing her patience, she raised her head and asked in a cold voice, "What?"

Wesley just stood there.

"Just spill it," she said, rapidly losing her cool.

"Follow me." He grabbed her wrist and led her to his car.

"I'm busy. You have something to say, just tell me." Blair shook his hand off.

"I'm taking you to see someone." Wesley pressed his lips into a thin line of determination. "You have to come with me," he added.

"What if I don't?" Blair asked in return.

"Then I'll take you there anyway."

Blair was shocked into silence. 'Again? Does he know what boundaries are?' she thought angrily. "If you do that, I'll never forgive you," she threatened.

"Like you're not mad at me now," Wesley mocked.

He scooped her up in his arms, put her in the passenger seat and strapped her in.

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