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   Chapter 696 The Tables Are Turned

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6513

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Two men in green camo fatigues sat beside Blair's date and leaned their bodies close to her. "Hi, Blair. Been a long time."

It was Bowman, one of Wesley's men.

The man sitting behind Blair patted her shoulder. "Hey, Blair. Remember me? I'm Lenard."

Blair remembered him, of course. But why were they all here? And why now? She took a deep breath and turned to Wesley, who kept his head forward, eyes on the screen. It was like he was there just to watch the movie. "What's going on, Wesley?"

Wesley turned to her and answered, "It's movie night. We're here to watch the movie. You're not?"

'How can I enjoy the movie with you guys talking to me?' Blair rolled her eyes.

Bowman and his companions kept talking to Blair's date, distracting both of them. Bowman even told him, "Man, let's get out of here and light up. I'm having a nic fit."

Blair's date could feel something was up, but he wasn't sure what was going on. He followed the two of them out of the theater.

The moment the three were out of sight, the rest of the soldiers except Wesley stood and stretched. "Now that they mention it, I really want a smoke, too."

"Me too. Let's go. Chief, we're taking off. Enjoy!"

Wesley nodded indifferently.

Blair was dumbfounded. 'Why does it look like Wesley and I are on a date?'

Blair's date followed Bowman and Lenard outside the theater and around the corner, lighter in hand. But suddenly the two soldiers stopped and cornered the guy. Bowman fished a marriage certificate out of his pocket and showed it to the man. "Check this out. Blair's married, so she's off-limits."

When he saw the photo and names on the certificate, the man's heart skipped a beat. "I'm really sorry. Blair never told me."

Bowman put the certificate back into his pocket. "That's okay. I get it. You couldn't have known. Blair' She was trying to make our chief jealous, and was using you to do it. They're fighting.

also drove her to her apartment.

"Yeah. Makes sense. Chief has it bad for her. Horndog."

Bowman kicked Lenard's leg and threatened him, "What if I walk into the theater now and tell him you called him that. What do you think he'll do to you?"

Lenard's reaction was not what he expected. "Do it! I don't care. Go in there and tell him." He was sure his fellow soldier wouldn't go in there and interrupt their chief.

And he was right. Bowman just snorted and said, "Fine. I did have a girl in mind. She's good girlfriend material and I was going to introduce you. But just for that, I'll set her up with Rodney, instead."

Rodney, who was walking behind him, immediately approached. "Really? Thanks, Blowman."

Bowman kicked him in the leg. "Call me Blowman again, and I'll..."

"You'll what? Beat my ass? Everyone calls you that. You plan to take everyone on? Live with it. Blowman," Rodney said with a silly grin.

"Get lost!"

The group left the Cineplex, talking and laughing.

Inside the theater

Blair and Wesley were left alone. She stared at the screen, pretending he didn't exist.

However, Wesley was not here to watch the movie.

Before long, he began to do what they left him alone for. He grabbed Blair's hand. She struggled hard, but he refused to let go.

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