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   Chapter 694 Be A Bad Woman

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The words that spilled from the bartender's mouth pained Blair's heart to the core. 'Wesley proposed to someone else.' "How... How did he propose to the woman called Patty Chang? I mean, what did he say?" she continued to ask, suppressing the sadness in her heart. She never knew Wesley would be that romantic. A proposal. Who would have thought?

"Well, nothing in particular. He just put the ring on Patty's ring finger, but that gesture was enough to get tears falling. She couldn't wait to say yes. Everybody in D City knows that Patty is head over heels in love with the guy. I bet that she would've proposed to Wayne if he hadn't done it first. So, Wayne didn't need to do a whole lot," the bartender blurted out. Since Blair had paid him a ton of cash, he poured out every fact that he knew.

He kept prattling on about the gossip and rumors surrounding Wayne and Patty. But his words landed on deaf ears. She was immersed in her own sad thoughts.

She didn't need any more information now. All she knew was that Wesley was married to a woman named Patty.

She reached for the ring that Wesley had given to her. She'd hung it on her neck like a pendant. A sardonic smile crept along her face as the ridiculous fact sank in.

When she took the sleeping pills that night, she'd worn it then, too. Because she wanted to leave this world with the most precious thing in her life. But this man bought another ring and gave it to another woman.

To make sure the bartender was straight with her, Blair paid off a few other waiters. She still couldn't believe the story. Much to her disappointment, she got the same answers.

Wesley did get marriage licenses for Patty.

Oh, to be precise, it was Wayne who married Patty.

But in Blair's mind, Wayne or Wesley, it meant the same. They were the same guy. Wesley did everything, though. He was Patty's husband now.

The next thing Blair knew was that she was already outside the night club. She couldn't even remember walking out of it.

Without a specific destination, she wandered along a street near the club, just like the first time she visited the city.

She walked to the same footbridge where she saw Wesley and his men last time. But this time, there was no one in camo fatigues, or uniform for that matter. And more importantly, no Wesley.

He was busy flirting with his new bride in the club.

A ton of dark thoughts flooded her mind. For a moment, she was overwhelmed by the urge to jump off the bridge and end everything.

But then she thought of her family. Her gra

d, shutting down her emotions and regaining her composure. Pretending not to see him, she turned to the man next to her and continued laughing and talking.

"Blair," Wesley called out.

Blair didn't stop but her date turned around and remarked, "Sounds like someone's trying to get your attention."

She maintained the smile on her face. "I didn't hear a thing."

"You heard me alright. Hi, Blair." The soldier had already walked up to them and blocked their way.

The smile froze on her face. "I'm sorry, sir. Do I know you?"

Wesley threw a glance at the confused man beside her. "She tell you she's married?"

The man was even more confused. "No."

Blair was stunned too. "What are you talking about, Wesley?"

"Now you know me." Wesley shifted his gaze back to her.

Blair was left speechless.

The well-dressed man was from a rich family. If it were any other guy, the man would have stepped up to defend his lady's honor. But this was Wesley. Well-connected, well-respected. He just figured it wasn't a good idea to cross him. Looking at the rank on Wesley's uniform, the well-dressed man instantly broke free of Blair's arm and said, "Blair, I should take off. Goodbye."

"No, wait. Stay, please..."

Blair called out to stop the man. But he fled as quickly as he could.

When the well-dressed man was out of sight, Blair smoothed her hair and pulled a long face.

She ignored Wesley and walked in the other direction.

Wesley stretched out his arm to stop her and stuffed the box of flowers in her arms. "Blair, I'm back. First thing I did was come and report to you."

'I bought you the red roses you like.

I'll give you everything you want from now on.'

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