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   Chapter 693 Thirty Sleeping Pills

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" brother..." Niles paused, excited to tears. "He's still alive," he said, relaying the good news.

Cecelia had already heard the news. When she discovered Wesley survived the explosion, she didn't doubt a word of it. She knew it. Her older son wouldn't be taken down so easily. His funeral was tomorrow, but it seemed there was no need. She was right—Wesley was alive! When she heard about this, the happy mother took down the black and white portrait and destroyed all the decorations for the funeral. She was this close to setting off fireworks to celebrate.

Blair, lying in the hospital bed, widened her eyes in great shock. Did she hear him right? Wesley was still alive?

"Blair, you were right. My brother never lied. He didn't lie to you. His mission is going on smoothly, and he'll come back on time just as he promised."

Hearing only her breathing, Niles continued, "But don't tell anyone. His mission is top secret. In fact, he was on that ship and fell into the sea when the ship exploded. But someone rescued him and took him to safety. He was unconscious for a few days, though."

"W-where is he now?" It almost cost all of Blair's energy to get out those few words.

"He's back in D City now. He returned to his undercover work shortly after he regained consciousness. That's all I know. What he's doing there, I have no idea. I just wanted to let you know he's alive."

Her heart was full of happiness, and Blair broke into happy tears. Wesley was alive! She was so excited that it took a little for her heart to stop racing. 'Thank God! He's alive, and so am I.'

She was so grateful she thanked the powers that be again and again in her heart.

Joslyn couldn't help but cut in, "I'm really happy your brother's alive. But why didn't he call Blair and let her know? Does he really love her? It's lucky that we got Blair to the hospital in time. Who knows what would have happened otherwise!" Joslyn became angrier as she said it.

"Got Blair to the hospital? Why? What happened?" Niles asked.

Joslyn raised her voice. "Blair couldn't live without your brother. She took sleeping pills to commit suicide."

"Joslyn..." Blair called out in a weak voice to stop her. Now that things were over, she realized what she did, and how stupid it was. She felt embarrassed hearing Joslyn recount the story to other

d you tell me who that guy is? And who's that woman he's with?"

The bartender quickly put the money into his pocket without being noticed by others. "Oh, that guy? That's Wayne Chen, Malcolm Chang's grandson-in-law. And she's Patty Chang, Malcolm's granddaughter."

"Grandson-in-law?" This address caught her attention. She held her glass tightly.

"Yeah. You're not from around here, are you? Don't tell me you have a crush on Wayne too. You girls are all the same. You all want to climb into his bed. Sure, he's a hot guy. Give it up, lady. A few days ago, you might have had a chance. But it's too late now."

"What do you mean?"

Blair was stunned.

The bartender flashed a naughty smile. "Sorry. I've said too much already. What you gave me only goes so far."

Blair took in his meaning. Luckily, she had brought enough cash with her. She generously stuffed another wad of bills into his hand. "Go ahead."

"Wayne's a playboy. He collects pretty girls like other people collect baseball cards. But he and Patty got their marriage licenses a few days ago. The old man warned him if he fooled around on his daughter, he'd cut off his little Wayne!"

"M-marriage... licenses?" Blair could hardly think of it. He was married to someone else?

"Yeah. They got married. A few days ago. Oh, right! Last Monday, Wayne booked our whole club and proposed to Patty. Patty was so happy she cried."

'Last Monday...' That was the day she tried to kill herself with pills.

How ironic! He married another woman while she tried to kill herself over him.

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