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   Chapter 692 Attempted Suicide

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"Will do. Joslyn, thank you for keeping me company all these days. I'm all right now. Please spend more time with your son," Blair reminded. A few days back, Blair and the Li family had no choice but to leave D City after the rescue operation had been called off. Joslyn worried that Blair would do something impulsive, so she had stayed with her friend all day long ever since she had come back home.

"I know. Mom said he was very well-behaved while I was gone." Joslyn realized how lucky she was in her life. Although Hartwell was as busy as Wesley used to be and wasn't often home, at least, she knew that he loved her. She never had to suffer much in the matters of love. At that thought, she couldn't help but feel sorry for Blair.

Blair admired Joslyn very much too. How she wished she could have had a loving son with Wesley! But she could never have that anymore—not for the rest of her life.

'Maybe in my next life...' she thought to herself.

"I'm really happy for you, Joslyn. You're lucky to have married into the Ji family. They are all kind people. Grandpa, Uncle, Aunt and my two cousins. They treated me so well after my parents passed away. I owe them a lot. But I seldom expressed my gratitude to them. I was thinking I could pay them back once I was more successful, but..." 'I won't have that chance anymore either...'

Joslyn sensed that something wasn't right about her. She became nervous and asked, "Blair, are you okay?"

"Why? I'm all right. Don't be so scared, Joslyn." Blair chuckled.

'Was I just overthinking?' Joslyn wondered. She comforted herself thinking that maybe she had been worrying about Blair too much. Blair was in a terrible place right now, but she was a strong girl.

"Okay then. I'm relieved to know that."

"Tomorrow is his funeral," Blair said quietly. She wanted to see him.

"Blair, I'll always be by your side. Please stay strong..." Joslyn didn't know how to comfort her. Sometimes words were just too powerless.

Blair smiled. "I will. So many people still live on even after losing their loved ones." It was just that their world would be different and colorless. And they might never be truly happy ever again.

Blair had lost her parents a few years ago, and now Wesley was gone too. Without them, she couldn't lead a happy life.

"I'm glad that you

d to panic. She could hardly stand.

Hartwell urged her quickly, "We need to give her first aid! Come, turn her to one side."

"Okay!" She wiped off her tears and listened to Hartwell's instructions.

Eventually, the ambulance arrived and took Blair to the hospital in time and had her stomach cleaned. She was saved.

After that, Joslyn didn't dare leave Blair's side. She stayed in her ward the whole time to tend to her. She was afraid that Blair would attempt suicide again if she was left alone.

The next afternoon, Blair woke up.

As she slowly opened her eyes, she saw Joslyn staring at her, chin propped up in her hands. Excited that her friend was finally conscious, Joslyn shot to her feet and pressed the nurse-call button.

Blair looked around her, confused about the situation. Why was she at the hospital? Was she still alive? Did she come back from death?

The doctor checked her thoroughly. There was nothing serious, but she definitely needed some psychological guidance.

Hartwell had already contacted a good psychologist. Once Blair's condition was a little better, the psychologist would begin her treatment.

The doctor left the ward after the check-up. Before Blair could speak, her phone rang. It was from Niles.

Joslyn answered the call for her. "Hello, this is Joslyn, Blair's friend. Do you have something to tell her?"

"Yes! Something important!" Niles said excitedly. His voice was so loud that even Blair could hear him.

Joslyn tapped on the speaker button. "Please go ahead. She can hear you."

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