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   Chapter 690 No Survivors

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Wesley used the name Wayne Chen as his alias in D City.

The woman who was speaking had the hots for Wesley for a long time. He was such a hot guy. She vowed to get this man in her bed tonight.

Wesley grinned and said casually, "Just one? I'll bring both of you home tonight!" He sounded like the consummate playboy who fooled around with women all the time.

That just seemed to get the women in his arms even more excited. "Great! Let's blow this popsicle stand!" Leila urged anxiously. She couldn't wait to get this hot guy's clothes off.

Wesley flashed a playful smile and let go of her arm. He lit a cigarette. "What's the rush?"

"Come on, Wayne. I wanna be your little slut!" Leila held his arm again and pouted her lips.

Wesley closed his eyes, as if he were trying to relax. But the truth was, he was trying to hide the disgust in his eyes. "I need to find Malcolm first. Then we'll go." He decided to give his higher-up a taste of his own medicine after the mission was over. He was asked to pretend to be the playboy, someone who got women to bankroll him. Wesley seethed with anger when he thought of it.

The two women instantly straightened up and started behaving when they heard the name. Leila asked cautiously, "Then...will Miss Chang be here too?"

Everyone in D City knew that Malcolm Chang's granddaughter—Patty Chang—was crushing hard on Wayne Chen. They were dating now. That was who Blair saw in Wesley's arms the other night.

Wesley tapped the cherry off his cigarette. Since these two women were still of use to him, he needed to make sure not to scare them away. "She's out of the country. Won't be back for a while."

His words set the two women at ease. They heaved a sigh of relief and continued to flirt with him.

Ten-odd minutes later, Malcolm Chang walked into the club, surrounded by a group of bodyguards. He wore a polo and khakis.

Guardedly, he scanned the club and spotted Wesley. Staring at the playboy, he ordered one of his men, "Bring Wayne Chen to me!"

"Yes, Mr. Chang!"

In no time, Wesley was escorted into Malcolm Chang's room. As soon as he saw Wesley come in, the old gang leader struck him across the back with his crutch. "You asshole, you never change. Patty's not around and you grab the first available ho!" If Wesley weren't so good at his job or so loyal, Malcolm Chang would've already killed him for cheating on his granddaughte

and began, "Hello everyone. We're live at the scene of a maritime disaster. A ship carrying 670 passengers exploded earlier today and sank into the sea in a matter of minutes. 273 bodies have been recovered, but only 37 of them were complete. Most of the bodies were torn apart by the blast..." The reporter couldn't help but take a minute to compose his emotions. "No survivors were found until now."

'No survivors... What does that mean? Everyone on the ship died?

Including...' Blair couldn't continue the thought.

Before she could finish watching the video, her phone rang. It was Joslyn.

She stopped playing the video and answered the call. "Joslyn."

"Bless, what are you doing now?" Joslyn tried to sound calm, holding back her tears. She figured that Blair should've known by now. It was sensational news throughout the country.

"Joslyn, are you crying? Why?" Her quiet sobbing didn't go unnoticed by Blair. She prayed in her mind that Joslyn wasn't crying for the same reason as Niles.

Joslyn covered her mouth to stifle her cries. She wondered how to tell her best friend the bad news about Wesley.

"Blair, have you heard?"

"Yes... But I'm not sure if he was on that ship."

Joslyn finally cried out loud. "He was. Blair, Hartwell said he was...on that ship. But Blair, his body hasn't been found yet. There's still hope that he's alive..."

Blair slumped in her seat. "When did the accident happen?"

"About... eight hours ago..."

'Eight the sea...What are the odds of surviving something like that?' She felt despair gnawing at her, freezing her blood.

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