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   Chapter 689 He Would Spoil Her Forever

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Blair was immediately frozen in her tracks when she heard the newbie's outraged cry. The group of soldiers, including Wesley, also stopped running after her. Everyone was looking at her.

Blair turned to look at the newbie. "Is that so? Tell that to your chief. Stop him from following me anymore," she said coldly. "I don't know him!" she added.

"What? You don't know who our chief is? How ignorant you are!" the newbie snapped.

"Shut up!" Wesley ordered him sternly.

The newbie instantly fell quiet. Despite his obedience, he was still confused at how their chief acted towards this woman.

Right then, a soldier from the group recognized who Blair was. "Oh! I remember her! No wonder she looks so familiar. I've met her before."

"Where did you meet her? Who is she?" another soldier asked eagerly.

"I saw her in our chief's phone screen!" His voice trailed off when he saw Wesley icily glaring at him.

Blair's face turned red. She wondered why Wesley had her picture in his phone. Had he set her picture as his phone's lock screen?

Wesley gave everyone a sharp look and commanded, "All of you, go back. Do extra training, now!" He turned his gaze on the newbie. "You, no outdoor activities until next week!"

The group was out of their sight in just a few seconds.

Blair and Wesley were left alone in the quiet road. He grabbed her hand and said, "I'll escort you back to the hotel."

"No need, Colonel Li. Don't mind me. Take your time to enjoy the full-body massage. I don't want to interfere with your relaxation. Goodbye!" Both anger and sadness filled her heart as the thought of another woman in Wesley's arms in the night club flooded her mind.

Wesley kept his grip on Blair's hand. "It's not what it looks like. I can't explain everything to you right now, but please, trust me. Nothing happened between us."

"Nothing happened?" Blair looked him in the eye. "I saw with my very own eyes how tightly you hugged her. Did you also promise to take care of her and protect her until she finds a boyfriend? Just like you did to me?"

Her eyes were brimming with tears. The mere thought of it made her heart ache.

Wesley wanted to say something to assure her, but the device on his waist had already gone off three times. He had no more time left. He had to go.

He looked tenderly at Blair's eyes. "I have to go. Please don't overthink. I have never cheated on you. I never will," he said hastily. "Finish your business sooner and head back home. D City is not as safe as Y City." He stroked her hair and added, "Be good, okay?"

oiling Blair once he was done with this mission.

Out of habit, he reached for his phone. He wanted to see Blair's picture that he saved, but he realized he had hidden his phone someplace else. He hadn't been able to stare at Blair's photo in a long time. Lucky for him, he saw her and was even able to kiss her. The kiss helped a little bit in missing her.

What was unfortunate was that he hadn't had the chance to sleep with her, not even once.

He came back to his senses. He looked around him and understood what a dangerous situation he had put himself in. He'd been lucky to have met her once. He did not want to test his luck any further.

Wesley shoved Blair's gifts back into the bag and hid it in a secret corner. After making sure it would not be found by anyone else, he left the room.

He went back to the women he was with. They were whispering with some other men; their eyes filled with lust.

Wesley acted as if he didn't see anything and squeezed himself between them. He pulled them closer to him. "Girls, what are talking about here? You two seem to be having fun."

He was under a disguise and had been working undercover in D City for a long time. With his work, he had to interact with all kinds of women, and even flirt with them. Despite their constant physical contact, not once did he feel anything for them. When it came to Blair, however, he always felt the need to come to her. He always felt the need to touch her, hug her, and kiss her.

He didn't feel anything close when he was with these women, not even one time.

One of the women caressed his chest as she looked at him lustfully. "Wayne, who are you taking home tonight? Is it gonna be me? Or will it be Leila?"

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