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   Chapter 688 Anyone

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Wesley wasn't worried when Cameron threatened to call the police. He pulled his cap lower and lit a cigarette. Leaning on the car, playing with his lighter, he began, "You're the assistant general manager of Width Group. You're 32 now. Three years ago you came to this city and rose to that position rather quickly. I wonder why? Bribery? Corruption? Money laundering?"

The soldier shocked Cameron with this line of questioning. Cameron stared at Wesley warily. "Who are you? Why are you doing this?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is you touched my woman!" He grabbed Cameron's arm, which had been wrapped around Blair's waist, and forced it onto the hood of the car. Then, he put his cigarette out on the man's trapped limb. He held it there long enough that the smell of cooked meat reached their nostrils.

"Argh!" Cameron screamed. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, ran down his face. "Who-who are you?" he stammered.

"Listen up. I'm Blair's husband. You mess with her again and I'll make sure you'll not only lose your job, but they'll kick you out of the country. Try me," Wesley warned.

He threw the cigarette butt into the trash bin, put the lighter back into his pocket, hopped onto the motorcycle and drove off.

When he reached the assembly place, the soldiers were already waiting for him in orderly lines.

The site was below a footbridge. The other soldiers' involvement was minimal, so it wasn't a big deal if other people saw them. Wesley, on the other hand, was in command.

So he was in plain clothes. A uniform would have outed him.

"Ten-hut!" he ordered, his voice traveling to the footbridge.

By sheer coincidence, Blair was walking along the bridge, trying to feel better. When she heard his voice, she looked in the direction it came from. All she saw were soldiers, and a man in a cap. Was that her Wesley?

When he spoke again, she was sure it was him!

To be safe, he couldn't stay th

t. He's even kissing her. It happened so fast. I think he's going to be wearing a ring soon," one of them said.

The others looked at the two in shock. "Chief is kissing her? Our Chief? You mean Wesley?"

The two soldiers nodded, pointing at the alley. "Yeah. They're over there, in an alley. See for yourselves."

They held up their hands like they were warding off evil. They weren't willing to chance ticking their commander off.

Although they didn't see Wesley kissing a woman, they saw something else.

Blair pushed Wesley away and started to run out of the alley toward the road.

Wesley ran after her.

He wanted to explain and apologize. But as soon as he grabbed her arm, she shook it off. The soldiers saw Blair yelling at their boss. "Let go of me! Follow me again and I'll call the cops!"

They were dumbstruck. Who was she? Why would she talk to Wesley that way? And he was letting her get away with it!

One of the soldiers was a newbie, and he worshiped Wesley. He couldn't stand the way Blair was treating his boss. Carrying his weapon, he rushed over towards her. Seeing this, everybody else followed.

The newbie caught up to Blair and scolded her with a strong accent, "Hey! Thith is our shief you're talking to. Who do you think you are? Show thome rethpect!"

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