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   Chapter 687 Forgot To Take My Pills

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6687

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Wesley averted his gaze from Blair when he heard the woman questioning him. They continued to walk ahead. As they passed her, Blair heard him say, "Of course, I heard you. What woman are you talking about? You know I wouldn't dare look at other women even when you aren't around."

"Good," she said in a sexy voice. "You've been working so hard for my grandpa these past few days. Why don't you come to my place tonight. I'll give you a nice full-body massage to help you relax."

"Wow, can't wait," Wesley said with a grin.

He sounded tender and meek to a point Blair had never seen him. In the past year, Blair had learnt to hide her true feelings from others as she yearned for him to be by her side.

And she had done well. She had remained calm in all kinds of situations.

However, tonight, she had failed twice already, both because of Wesley.

By the time Blair was back at the table, the glass of Night Temptation was waiting for her.

Some foreigners had joined their party. Sonny was busy making sure everybody were acquainted. When the foreigners saw Blair, their eyes glinted.

She was a beauty.

Sonny shoved Blair from behind her as he said, "This is Cameron, the vice general manager of the headquarters of our company. Please interpret as we talk, Blair."

He had shoved her so hard that she staggered and almost fell. Luckily, Cameron caught her.

She cursed Sonny a million times in her mind and said to Cameron with a polite smile, "Thank you, Cameron." She tried to pull her hand back, but Cameron didn't let go. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, thank you." She wrenched free of his grasp.

Blair was made to sit next to Cameron since she was the interpreter. Soon, she noticed that Wesley was back at his table too.

Their eyes met again. This time, Blair looked away first.

Cameron seized every opportunity to talk to her. At first, the topics were work-related. Then, he started prying about her personal life.

"May I call you Blair?" he asked, flirt

lub's entrance glowing in the night.

The man she loved was still in there. She had finally met Wesley again, but it was nothing like she had imagined.

She headed for the hotel in a bad mood.

Soon after Cameron's limo had left the club, a black motorcycle cut him off and blocked the way.

Inside the car, Cameron was still worried that he had been infected. When the car came to a sudden halt, his head bumped into the back of the front seat. "Watch it, you idiot!" he cursed.

"I'm sorry, sir. Someone is blocking our way," the chauffeur explained.

Before Cameron could see who was in front of his car, his door was pulled open.

He saw a man in a black cap and casual black clothes. But, he couldn't see his face clearly. Without any dialogue, the man dragged Cameron out of the car.

"What are you doing? Who are you? Argh!"

A fine punch landed on his high nose. It was broken for sure.

"Damn it!" Cameron was tall and bulky. But the man in black overpowered him easily. A few fierce blows in a row and he was at sea.

He realized that he had met a foe who was much stronger than him.

His chauffeur was a trained bodyguard, but after only a couple of moves, he was kissing the ground too, unable to move.

"I'm calling the police!" Cameron squealed, his hands bloody and his face pale as a ghost.

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