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   Chapter 683 Preserved Roses Bunny

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 7289

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Without further ado, Wesley took something out of his pocket, put it on the table, and pushed it in front of Orion. It was a red certificate. "Orion, you're not new in China. I believe you know military marriage is protected by the law."

The red certificate gave Orion a bad feeling.

He opened it. As he read, his eyes widened in shock.

On the certificate were Blair and Wesley's names. And their pictures.

'So, Blair's married?' According to the date on the certificate, they got married only a couple of days ago.

'Blair married Wesley?' Orion shook his head. His mind refused to accept the idea, but he couldn't ignore the pain inside him.

Orion scratched his head, his heart full of sadness as he tried to come to terms with the revelation. "So..." Orion looked at Wesley, at a loss for words, his heart aching.

Wesley put away the marriage certificate and stood up. He loomed, his very presence making Orion feel small.

"Keep your distance from my wife from now on,"

Wesley warned.

Then he turned and left.

One love rival down. Wesley smiled inwardly. This was too easy.

Orion remained in his chair, devastated. His love had just been shattered into pieces and scattered on the wind.

The next day, Blair felt Orion act weird around her. He had been avoiding her and was even cold toward her. She decided to talk to him.

What frustrated her even more was that Wesley, who had promised he would never let her go the night before, was now gone.

Blair didn't see him even once in the next two months.

As time went by, she couldn't help but think of herself as an idiot. She had believed him that night. She'd hung on his every word.

On her birthday, Blair received a birthday gift when she was at work. It was a gift box. She had no idea whom it was from.

Blair opened the gift. Lying in the middle of a velvet cloth was a ring, the giant lilac diamond on it shining brightly.

Along with the ring was a colored card.

"Wait for me," it said. The signature was L.

"Wesley," Blair whispered. She covered her mouth, tears of happiness streaming down her face. Warmth flooded her as she thought about their time together.

uch joy. It was him. It was really Wesley. She grinned from ear to ear.

Since when had that man been so romantic?

"I thought it wasn't from him. I was considering rejecting it," she said honestly.

"It's from him. Sign for it. Then I have done my job," Niles said.

Blair signed. The courier left.

She decided to move the box into the lounge so that it wouldn't distract anybody. She used one hand at first, but it was quite heavy and didn't budge at all. She had to use both hands to get it to move. "What got into your brother? Why did he send me this? I once couldn't even get him to buy me a bouquet of roses."

"Who knows?" Niles said. "He has been acting weird. He wouldn't lend me money or buy me things, but he got you an apartment, buys you clothes and other things, and he even bought you such a fancy gift. Ugh, I envy you so much. By the way, I don't think this is his type of thing either. I doubted it, but he did call me and asked me to supervise this matter."

"Okay. Do you know where he is?" Blair asked, her tone sad.

"No way!" Niles exclaimed. "I would have expected you would know where he is. Although I didn't know either until I heard my grandpa say that he went to D City. He has been transferred."

"Transferred to D City?" Blair frowned. "Yes," Niles said. 'This is huge, ' Blair thought. 'Why didn't he tell me?' She swallowed her sorrow and asked, "How long will he be there? When is he coming back?"

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