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   Chapter 682 I’m Blair’s Husband

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 6606

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Blair struggled in Wesley's arms, trying to wrench free of his embrace, but to no avail. Desperate, she bit him on the arm.

He grunted in pain. "What the hell? You keep biting and pinching me. The marks haven't gone from the last time you did it. But whatever makes you happy, I guess."

Blair knew what he was talking about. She wouldn't let him get his way, so she let go of his arm. Once she did, he buried her face in his chest.

"Blair," he muttered.

"Wesley, I can't. I made a mistake falling in love with you. I'm over you now. I won't bother you anymore. Just let me go and stay out of my life," she said flatly.

His lips hardened into a line. He held her tighter. "Remember when you proposed to me? Saying no is the biggest mistake I ever made. I won't let you go again. Ever."

Blair's heart fluttered. She gave him up. It took everything she had to do it. Why was he saying this now? "Too little too late. I'm over you," she declared.

"You can't be. I'm so in love with you it hurts. You're my woman and no one can take you away!" He had made his decision. He wanted to be with her and would never let her go.

Yet things had changed. In the past, Blair would have practically fainted from happiness to hear those words out of his mouth. But now, they were just words. "It's not up to you. Get out of my way," she announced.

Wesley didn't listen. He picked her up, carried her to his car, put her in the back seat, and got on top of her. "Here, a hotel room, home, your dorm, or in the field, pick one," he said.

Blair shuddered. "No, I won't." She didn't want to ask for a leave again tomorrow.

"So we'll do it here." Wesley made the decision for her.

His hands fumbled with her clothes.

Scared, Blair grabbed his hands and yelled, "Have you lost your goddamn mind? It's not like it's private here!" Several people had already seen him carry her into the car.

Wesley caressed her cheek and assured her, "Don't worry. There's a

ir. However, when Cecelia flew into Y City to find Blair, she'd already moved out of Wesley's apartment.

Wesley's mom and grandfather were both disappointed.

"Grandpa, wait a minute," Wesley said.

Then he hung up. Keith was confused. Then his phone rang. It was a video chat request from Wesley.

Keith went ahead and accepted it. Wesley's face wasn't on-screen. It was a red certificate, instead.

Keith's brows were raised in confusion.

Wesley opened the certificate for him and displayed it. When he saw the names on it, Keith grinned, his eyes narrowed into thin lines. "Nice!" His older grandson had never let him down.

When Wesley thought his grandfather was done, he was wrong. Keith had one more demand.

"A great-grandson. I want a great-grandson."

And Wesley wanted that too.

After all, he liked nothing more than sleeping with his wife. The only problem was he was too busy.

In a coffee house downtown

By the time Orion arrived, Wesley was already seated, staring out the window, deep in thought.

"Colonel Li, why did you ask me here?" Even though they were love rivals, Orion was cordial. They'd come to blows, true, but thanks to Wesley's status, Orion couldn't get back at him, so he had to let it go.

Wesley turned around and watched Orion sit down opposite him.

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