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   Chapter 681 Blair Has Left

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A bitter smile appeared on Curtis' face as he said from the other end of the line, "Wesley, I'm telling the truth."

Wesley didn't know how to respond.

He hung up the call and rushed towards Carlos' manor with a dozen soldiers in tow. On the way, he prayed that Curtis was just making fun of him and that Carlos was safe and sound.

"Wesley, you must help Debbie!" Wesley remembered what Blair had asked him.

And he had promised her that he would do everything in his power. He would do whatever Blair asked of him.

When he reached the gate of the manor, Curtis and Debbie were already there, but the guards had stopped them from going in.

After a quick assessment of the situation, Wesley and his men barged into the manor.

The decoration inside made Wesley's heart skip a beat—the traditional black and white funerary couplet, the mourning hall, Carlos' black and white portrait... Carlos was...dead.

Before Wesley could learn anything more about the accident, Debbie received a phone call and left the manor in a hurry. Although he wanted to help her, he had no chance to offer her his assistance.

Wesley had to ask James.

It took him some time to accept the fact that Carlos was really gone. He swore to himself that he was going to find out the truth. At that moment, Curtis' phone rang. It was from Debbie.

Over the phone, she told Curtis that she had lied to everyone. She said she had divorced Carlos after knowing his death and was leaving Y City with her new boyfriend. Wesley, who was standing beside Curtis, heard every word.

He was so pissed off that he broke into curses near Curtis' phone so that Debbie could hear him. He felt bad for his best friend who had been so nice to this ungrateful woman. He also pitied Blair who had asked him to help Debbie.

What made him angrier was that Debbie shamelessly blamed him for stopping her from seeking her own happiness. Wesley was shocked by her heartless words.

Later, when Wesley and Curtis stepped into the living room of the villa, they saw James comforting Tabitha, who was crying bitterly over her son. Wesley went over to them and said, "Uncle James, I will look into the accident and find out—"

James interrupted him and stated in a sad voice, "Wesley, Curtis. Carlos was fortunate to have friends like you. But please, let me handle this. Carlos was my son, and as his fa

be seen.

It was already past midnight. He found a note on the table in the living room which said, "I won't bug you anymore." He called her, but his number had been blocked.

Wesley didn't know what was going on.

Carlos was gone. And now, even Blair had left him. Wesley felt like he was being abandoned by the whole world.

He sat on the couch and lit a cigarette. After a while, he fished out his phone and sent a message to someone. "Get me Blair's location."

Before long, he got a message. "She is staying at her company dorm on Dagmar Road. Her roommate is a woman. She is 29, and is from H Country..."

Wesley heaved a sigh of relief.

Blair knew that Wesley would still find her even though she had blocked his phone number and WeChat account. But she had to show him that she was not a pushover.

And she was right. When she came back to the dorm one night, Wesley was waiting for her outside the building.

She saw the man in his usual black T-shirt, black pants and matching black military boots, but quickly turned around and left without bothering to talk to him.

Upon seeing that, Wesley dropped the cigarette butt, stepped on it to put it out and walked towards her.

Hearing the heavy footsteps coming from behind her, Blair picked up her pace and started to run.

Wesley ran after her.

Within a few seconds, he caught up to her and pulled her into his arms. "Don't struggle! Or I'll throw you over my shoulder!"

"Let me go!" she yelled.

"No!" Wesley was leaving for D City soon, and he really wanted to hug her as long as he could.

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