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   Chapter 680 Marriage Certificates

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Seeing that he was unable to change Wesley's mind, General Zhao had no choice but to give in. After all, he was proud of Wesley. "You win." He threw up his hands in a helpless gesture, his voice tired. "As long as you sign the document and agree to get transferred to D City, I'll sign your marriage application forms. Now, go fetch your document."

Wesley saluted to express his gratitude and left the office to fetch the document. He soon returned with the transfer agreement. While Wesley signed it, the old man did the same on the marriage application forms.

After all the procedures, Wesley got the marriage licenses the next morning.

He couldn't help the need to share the good news with Blair, but she was still at work. He had to find something else to do to kill the time.

By the time Wesley headed home, it was about 8 o'clock in the evening, a silver moon high in the sky. When he opened the door, Blair, who was packing her stuff in the walk-in closet, paused for a while before continuing on. He eased the envelope with the marriage licenses in it from his pocket, a nervous flutter in his belly.

After a deep breath, Wesley walked in and reached out to Blair, the envelope in his hand. "Take a look!" he smiled.

Blair paused, but she didn't say anything, nor did she take the envelope. She returned to folding her clothes.

A bit anxious, Wesley grabbed her wrist. "Look at it!"

Blair looked at him, her eyes full of sarcasm. "A shameless woman like me doesn't deserve to look at your stuff."

Wesley hung his head, her words stinging him. "I'm sorry for what I said." He'd been mad at her for drugging him, and had allowed his anger to get the best of him, which led to a slip of the tongue. A slip he wished he could take back. But words were like arrows, and once fired, they could not be called back.

Blair, of course, would not forgive him that easily. Glaring at him, she snorted. Then she grabbed the envelope, shook off his hand, walked to her door, and threw the envelope out of her bedroom. She pointed at the living room, voice like ice. "Get out!"

Wesley's face darkened.

His mood became black, dampening the joy, the earlier excitement, and the dreamy occasion he had envisioned.

"Wesley Li, I don't want to see your face right now. You may leave," Blair added coldly.

Wesley didn't move.

Blair took a deep breath before going back to the walk-in closet to continue packing her stuff.

However, just as she was about to pick up a shirt, Wesley grabbed her hand, a helpless feeling running through him. "Blair, please, just look at the thing in the envelope."

"I said no!" Blair struggled.

Wesley pulled her into his arms and held her tightly.

Her familiar fragrance reached Wesley's nose, and he unconsciously held her closer to him. The love bites on her neck reminded him of the

Debbie, Blair made a quick decision. Joslyn's hospital was nearby. Since Blair didn't know where Debbie was, it made sense to go to keep Joslyn company. After all, Joslyn was her best friend.

Two hours later, Joslyn gave birth to a healthy boy. The Ji family members were thrilled at the good news.

Joslyn named the boy Patrick Ji.

After keeping her best friend company for a while, Blair went to look for Debbie. But she didn't find her, and Debbie's phone was off. She went to many places Debbie would frequent, asking if anyone had heard anything or seen her, but to no avail.

Left with no choice, she decided to call Wesley for help, though she was still mad at him. But his phone was off too. She then learned from Adalson that Wesley was on an urgent mission. It would take him a couple of days to return.

Desperate, Blair turned to her cousin, Hartwell. Maybe he would have better luck.

Meanwhile, news spread of the accident and scandals about Debbie. There were stories that she cheated on Carlos. Someone said she divorced Carlos and had an abortion after knowing his life hung in the balance.

Days passed and Blair still could not find Debbie. She was in a panic. To make matters worse, Wesley still had not returned from his mission.

One of Hartwell's men saw Debbie, but before he could follow her, she got into a car and disappeared.

Then came the news that Carlos died.

Wesley finally came back. Ignoring the fact that they weren't on speaking terms, Blair called him and said urgently, "Debbie's got it bad. You need to help her."

"Calm down. I'm on my way." The moment Wesley came back to Y City, one of his men told him that Carlos had a car accident and Curtis asked him to call back.

He called Curtis, but Curtis told him Carlos was dead. Wesley's heart sank. "Are you kidding me? If so, this isn't funny at all!" he spat, refusing to believe it.

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