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   Chapter 678 You Are Tying The Knot

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8309

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At that moment, Wesley made up his mind—he would make Blair his woman.

He gave her slender waist a tight squeeze and took the lead.

With one quick movement, he was on top of her. Too impatient to wait any longer, he torn apart her strapless black nightgown.

He kissed her passionately, while his hands ran over her soft, naked body. Although she wanted to resist his advances, she was unable to. Rather than wrestle him, she allowed him to devour her. Her arms snaked around his muscular shoulders tightly as he entered her. She bit her lips to hold back her moans.

Wesley made love to her all night. When he finally let her sleep, the birds were already chirping outside their window. Ignoring the messy bedroom, he walked naked into the bathroom.

Wesley didn't go to bed after that. Day broke, and he got dressed. Standing at the bedside, he fixed his eyes on the sleeping woman, lost in thought.

Blair rolled over to the other side of the bed in her sleep, and the blanket shifted. A dark red stain was visibly seen on the light gray bed sheet.

Wesley stared at the stain for a while before he finally realized what it was.

A wide ear-to-ear grin appeared on his handsome face, and his heart melted.

He had always thought that since Blair and Miller had lived together, they must have had sex. But it looked like he was wrong. After all, the blood-stained sheet was solid proof of her now stolen virginity.

He fished out his phone and called Carlos.

Carlos was still sleeping, with Debbie in his arms. "This better be important," he threatened in a low voice.

"When you got your marriage certificates, neither you nor your wife was present at the scene. How did you get your certificates?" he asked, curious to know more about the procedure.

Carlos' eyebrows shot up when he heard Wesley's question. He got out of bed quietly so that he wouldn't wake Debbie up. "Are you tying the knot?" he asked in disbelief.

"Yeah." Wesley had slept with Blair, and he needed to take responsibility for it.

"You are a soldier. You need to report it to your superior first," Carlos reminded his friend.

"That's not a problem."

After some consideration, Carlos told him how he and Debbie had obtained their marriage certificates. "The photo needed for the certificates was edited in Photoshop. Are you planning to do the same?"

"Yes," Wesley answered as he looked at his beloved woman. He chose to have their picture photoshopped instead of actually

ebrate the New Year together. When I was angry at him, he sent me flowers and apologized to me. He peeled Chinese chestnuts for me and fed me. He always hugs me and kisses me.

And just like that, a bottle of wine spoiled everything. I only wanted to enjoy some good wine with him. He thought I was trying to seduce him and said I was shameless.

Yes, I admit that I wanted to seduce him. But that's only because I love him. And then, we had sex.

What I don't understand is why he asked me to have a morning-after pill after we slept together for the first time. He even disappeared after that night. I haven't seen him since.

Why? I really don't understand."

The forum was popular among youngsters. Soon, many people left their comments on her long post. Blair read every comment carefully.

"Sis, those closely involved in a situation may not be able to see the bigger picture as clearly as those outside the box. If a man hugs you and kisses you, but refuses to accept you as his girlfriend, it means that he doesn't love you. You even slept with him! Wake up, girl. Don't be so silly."

"I can tell that your relationship is complicated. It might not be as simple as it seems. Nevertheless, I'm sure that he is not that into you."

"A man who can't make you feel safe is not a good guy. Sis, listen to me. Leave him! Now!"

"He asked you to have the morning-after pill? Why didn't he just use a condom? He's such an asshole!"

"He doesn't love you, he just wants to fuck you. When he finally falls in love with a woman one day, he will leave you."

There were so many comments, and each of them said that the man didn't love her.

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