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   Chapter 676 Give Him A Kiss

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Blair couldn't believe her ears. "Huh? That's it?"

"I'll keep on providing food for you," Wesley replied.

Blair's jaw dropped in awe.

Just when she thought her life was going to stay the way it was, something unexpected happened; all because the actress Niles had feelings for had turned him down.

At some party, Niles gathered enough courage to approach the said actress. The woman caressed his face and teased, "Boy, your skin is so fair and smooth like a girl's. Sorry, you're just not my type. I like your brother! Tough and ragged, but in a good way. Hey, would you do me a favor and introduce me to him?"

Niles was deeply hurt and decided to renew his image. He made up his mind to become a tough guy like his brother. He went to Wesley and insisted he join their physical training.

Wesley accepted his request. He took it as an opportunity to get Niles off his bad habits. He brought his younger brother along as he trained his men. On the seventh day, they hiked a mountain to do their outdoor workouts there. Wesley pointed to a huge rock and instructed Niles, "Go rock climbing."

He had been bored in the last six days, so he thought rock climbing would be at least kind of interesting.

Wesley's men climbed the rock one after another. 'Looks pretty easy to me, ' Niles thought as he watched the ones before him.

He couldn't be more wrong.

"Chief! I can't do this," Niles yelled to his brother as he held onto the rope for his dear life. When Wesley took him in for the training, he demanded Niles call him Chief. He had been treating his younger brother as one of his men.

Wesley only watched as his brother dangled hopelessly. "You are a man. Do it!" he commanded quite sternly.

Niles let out a few desperate cries. Upon seeing the lack of progress, Wesley picked up a pebble and threw it at his butt. Of course, it hit him accurately. Niles was left with no choice but to keep on climbing. He cursed his brother all the way up of the rock.

Not long after, Niles gave up. "I quit! I'm going home. I no longer want that woman. She's just not worth this struggle. Actually you're her type. I'll give her your number."

The soldiers snickered.

Wesley had seen many soldiers like Niles before, and knew exactly how to deal with him. In a cold voice, he said, "You quit? No. That's not gonna happen." He instructed the soldier atop the rock to fasten the rope.

you for your own good."

Niles stayed suspended for a few hours. He'd grown desperate and was extremely livid at Wesley.

At the end of the day, Niles was taken back to his place by Talbot and Bowman.

He stayed in bed for three days to recover. Wesley came to visit him once. Once he had confirmed he was still alive, he left right away.

Niles was fuming when he saw his brother leave. He made up his mind that he was taking vengeance against his cruel brother.

Niles was surprisingly smart when it came to pranks. He developed an idea soon enough.

His idea was simple—he would help Blair get what she wanted, which was to sleep with Wesley. It would be perfect if she got pregnant. Niles hoped she'd give birth to a boy. He knew how troublesome boys were. He'd torture Wesley to death for him.

Three days later, Blair received a bottle of red wine from Niles. He sent her a message saying, "Blair, my friend brought me a bottle of wine from France. This wine is really good. Why not enjoy it with my brother?"

Niles was really putting extreme effort in making Wesley and Blair's life happy. He actually bought the wine himself, and it cost him a fortune. He'd tasted good wine before, but he'd never bought one himself.

He decided to ask his mother to reimburse the wine. After all, he did this for Wesley and Blair, and he believed that Cecelia would be more than happy to hear that.

Blair was really moved by this. She wrote, "Niles, thank you so much. You're being really nice to me."

'Ah, the Li family is really treating me well. Grandpa Keith, Aunt Cecelia, Niles...'

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