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   Chapter 673 Magical Flower Meanings

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"What about red roses?" Blair asked tentatively.

Wesley hesitated and then said, "No. Not those." Even though he had little to no knowledge about the meanings of different flowers, he knew red roses meant "I love you."

They weren't a couple, so he couldn't buy her red roses.

"So much for your promise. Wesley, you don't need to come by every day..."

"Fine, I'll buy you the red roses." He finally gave in. Anyway, buying her a bouquet of red roses didn't necessarily mean they were boyfriend-girlfriend.

Blair leaned against the wall and looked at the bouquet of yellow roses in her arms. She smiled. "How about this? If you say 'I love you, ' then you don't have to buy me flowers," she suggested.

"No." He would rather buy the red roses than confess his love to her.

To him, the words "I love you" meant a commitment. He couldn't say them casually. He wasn't afraid of commitment—he was afraid of breaking that commitment because he was a soldier.

Blair wasn't surprised, nor was she angry. She already knew his answer even before she asked. She stood on tiptoe to draw her face near to his and whispered, "Wesley, listen. I'll go back to the apartment with you. But we can't keep doing this. I'll get tired of it, and want real love. When that happens, there will be no 'us.' We won't have a future anymore..."

He tightened his arms around her waist. Their noses touched; they could feel each other's breath, the lifting of the chest as they drew in air. After a moment of silence, he said quietly, "Blair, there are a lot of ways to love someone. Being together isn't the only way. If you're happy, so am I."

Blair felt like she had heard those words somewhere. 'Oh, right! On TV. The guy always says that to the girl, ' she realized.

At the thought of it, she sighed helplessly. Wesley was so stubborn. She found it hard to communicate with him. "You don't need to buy me red roses. I like the yellow ones. They're beautiful." As she finished speaking, she pushed the man away from her and began to arrange the pressed flowers nicely.

"Go back with me." He stressed his purpose again.

Blair nodded. "Before that, answer me one question. Are you dating Garnet? I love you, but if you already have a girlfriend, I can't. I won't be the other woman."

Wesley answered succinctly, "I don't like her."

"But she likes you."

"That's her problem," he said firmly.

"Okay. Let's go back home." Blair handed t

. "Was that fun?"

Blair felt pain. She covered her mouth and glared at him. "Yes..." Her voice trailed off. The man pulled her hand away and kissed her on the lips again.

After they returned to their apartment, they went to their respective bedrooms. Wesley hadn't kissed Blair in a long time. He felt the kiss in the car wasn't enough.

Absent-mindedly, he finished his shower quickly and came out with a bath towel around his waist. He had just taken his pajamas from the closet and pulled off the bath towel when the door was suddenly pushed open. "Wesley, where's my luggage... Ahh! You... I... Why...are you naked?"

Blair hastily covered her eyes and turned around to leave, her face as red as a tomato.

"Stop!" Wesley called out to stop the woman and slowly put on his pajamas. Then he walked up behind her.

Blair thought he was angry, so she apologized, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I always knock, I mean I usually do. I just forgot this time. Sorry!" She was telling the truth.

He was close now. She opened her eyes slowly and turned around. Seeing him in his pajamas, she heaved a sigh of relief.

But he suddenly took her in his arms and whispered in her ear, his hot breath falling on her neck. "Remember what you told me the other day? You're right, you know, it's been awhile. Remember when you got me off? You need to help me now."

"What... When did I say that? No, I didn't mean it like that..."

"Whatever! Blair, I already apologized to you. I deserve a reward."

"How?" She suddenly had a bad feeling.

Wesley grabbed her hands which were already healed and answered her with action.

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