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   Chapter 671 Come Back With Me

Take My Breath Away By Bai Cha Characters: 8208

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Wesley moved aside in a flash. Stella couldn't stop her momentum and fell into the arms of the man behind Wesley. Niles had heard the noise outside the room and had decided to take a look.

He didn't expect a woman to throw herself into his arms as soon as he opened the door. The strong perfume from the woman hit his nostrils hard. "What the hell?! Who are you? Some kind of perfume witch? Ugh! Get away from me! The smell is suffocating!" Niles struggled against her hold. He turned to his brother with the woman still clinging on to his arm. "Wesley, who is this? Please release me from her grip! Throw her into the hospital wing and have her disinfected."

Stella's face darkened. Holding Niles' arm, she finally managed to steady herself. "Who the hell are you?! How dare you talk about me like that? Do you know who I am?" she snarled at him.

Ignoring her rant, Niles pinched his nose and continued, "Brother, please. Take this woman away! I can't breathe!"

Stella's face immediately flushed with embarrassment when she heard Niles call Wesley "Brother." She stammered, "Oh…so, you're… Colonel Li's brother."

Niles stared at her in irritation. It was then that he noticed Blair not too far away from them. In an instant, the disdain on his face was replaced by surprise and joy. He called out excitedly, "Blair! My dear sister-in-law! You're here too."

'What? Sister-in-law?' The crowd in the corridor looked between Wesley and Blair. They were shocked by this new revelation.

Stella's eyes widened in disbelief. She stared at Blair, wondering if she had heard him wrong. 'Sister-in-law? Why did Niles address her that way?'

Blair felt embarrassed by all the unwanted attention. She forced a smile and said, "Hi Niles. I was just about to leave. I have some work to do. Enjoy yourself. Bye." With that, she walked towards the elevator.

Niles threw a glance at the emotionless Wesley. Seeing that his brother hadn't even budged a little, Niles sighed helplessly and thought, 'Looks like I need to put in a lot more effort to help my stupid brother gain his lifelong happiness.' He then quickly caught up to Blair. "Blair, why not join us? Carlos, Damon and some other friends are here too. Come on, it'll be fun."

Blair would've readily agreed to Niles' invitation if she hadn't had a quarrel with Wesley. But she and Wesley were giving the silent treatment to each other, so she didn't have any good reason to stay. "I'm sorry,

ub witnessed the scene in shock, their mouths agape. But they knew who Wesley was, so they didn't dare say anything and just watched him walk to his car with the woman struggling on his shoulder.

Wesley quickly opened the car door, stuffed Blair into the passenger seat and fastened her seat belt. She didn't even have the chance to protest.

As she struggled to get out of her seat, he gripped her chin to make her face him and said sternly, "I'm just driving you to the hotel. Don't shout, don't struggle. The more you struggle, the more it excites me. Don't turn me on, understand?" As he said those words, he stroked her soft lips with his fingers.

Blair's face turned beet red. His tone was serious, and his words were laced with passion.

Wesley drove her to the hotel where she was temporarily staying. They remained silent the whole way. When they arrived at the hotel, he carried her out of the car like he usually did. He watched her walk into the hotel before driving away.

On the fifth day of her stay at the hotel, Blair heard someone ring her door bell as she was about to go to bed. She opened the door and looked into the eyes of the man she had missed so much in the past few days.

He was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hands, yet his face was devoid of any emotion.

"What?" Blair asked, pretending to be impatient. But deep down, she was excited to see him.

Wesley handed her the bouquet of yellow carnations and said, "Come back with me."

"I'm not related to you in any way, Colonel Li. Why should I go anywhere with you?" When she saw the yellow carnations, her insides boiled with anger.

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