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   Chapter 670 She's Here For A Purpose

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Stella did not let Blair finish her words. She snarled at York venomously, "York Kuang! She's a mere translator. She doesn't deserve the salary you're offering her! And what's with the special treatment? Does my dad know anything about this?"

York smiled timidly and tried to explain, "Miss Zhuge, please calm down. Miss Jing graduated from a very prestigious university. She has an edge compared to the other candidates. Her background is impressive as well. She has the prerequisites and other certifications suited for the position. The TS Group is in need of a talent like—"

"Oh, is that so? If she's so competent and so perfect, why not put her in the public relations department?" Stella sarcastically said, abruptly cutting off York's words.

Blair remained silent as she studied Stella's face.

York massaged his forehead as he tried to reason with his boss's daughter. "Miss Jing used to be the head of the translation department in the Jin Group. Her verbal skills made her famous in her field. Aside from translating, she's also good with handling other company matters."

"Okay, are you done buttering her up? Do you know what the average price of a house in Y City is? Not lower than a few million! You promised her a house in the city! Are you kidding? Will you pay it yourself? But if you want to hire her so badly, I guess it's only fair that we deduct her house fee from your salary. It doesn't look too good, no?"

York was at a loss for words.

Blair was still speechless as before. She couldn't figure out how York was able to deal with a woman as ridiculous as Stella. Blair stood up from her seat and politely said, "Miss Zhuge, I don't know the reason you're here. I just hope you mind your words from now on. Mr. Kuang has a wife. You should know that your words, when heard by the wrong people, might affect his reputation negatively. It would look bad for the all of us."

"I can say whatever I want. Who do you think you are? Who are you to police what I can and cannot say? Do you feel bad now?" Stella pointed a finger at Blair. She was seething in anger. She had never been opposed in her whole life.

Blair took her purse and made her way t

s their eyes met and headed towards the elevator.

Stella didn't want Blair to go though. "Blair, why did you trip me?" she called out.

Her voice sounded really weird. She was trying so hard to sound nice since Wesley was around, but her anger seemed to be resurfacing.

Blair turned around to look at her. Instead of answering her question, she asked, "Did it hurt?"

Stella raised her wounded knee and said in a pitiful voice, "Of course, it's very painful."

Everyone was watching them. "Serves you right!" Blair responded coldly.

Stella was appalled at this reply. Despite Wesley's presence, she still raised her voice at Blair. "What do you mean?"

Blair sneered. "I meant what I said, Miss Zhuge. Next time, please watch your mouth. Didn't your parents teach you it's not proper to insult people you barely know? If you still haven't learned your lesson, come. Let me trip you once more. Learning is more effective if you get both your knees wounded,"

Blair said as she approached Stella who had never wanted anything more than to slap Blair across her face. But Stella knew Wesley was watching them. She broke free from York's arms and dashed towards Wesley. "Colonel Li, please help me!"

Blair watched as Stella lunged at Wesley.

Wesley was frowning at the strong scent of Stella's perfume. She was about to throw herself at him, but to everyone's surprise, Wesley suddenly took a few sidesteps. "Sorry, I don't know you."

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