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   Chapter 669 Because She's Cray

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The assistant from TS Group led Blair into the private room. There were two people already there. One was York Kuang, the general manager of TS Group; the other was a woman who Blair didn't know.

As soon as she stepped into the room, a whiff of strong perfume assaulted her nostrils. Blair frowned. The air was so thick with the odor she felt she was being suffocated.

Seeing Blair come in, York Kuang greeted her enthusiastically, "Hi, Miss Jing. Welcome!"

Holding her breath, Blair maintained a polite smile and shook hands with him. "Good evening, Mr. Kuang."

"And let me introduce you to the daughter of our CEO—Stella Zhuge." York Kuang led Blair over to the woman dressed in a light-green stylish outfit.

She looked just like one of those Instagram models. Her skin was fair, and she wore delicate makeup on her face. It was cleverly applied so that she wouldn't look made up. The look in her eyes was arrogant and condescending.

Blair was confused by the presence of the CEO's daughter. 'Why is she here?' she thought. Nonetheless, she greeted her graciously, "Nice to meet you, Miss Zhuge."

Stella Zhuge nonchalantly shook hands with Blair. She didn't even bother to stand up. After casting a cold glance at Blair, she turned to glare at York Kuang and grumbled impatiently, "She's here. Can we eat now, finally? I'm starving!"

She thought angrily in her mind, 'I don't understand why York invited this woman along. She's hot, but that's all she has going for her. Probably hired because of her "ahem!" assets. Humph!'

Blair knew what she was implying. The CEO's daughter was complaining that she was late.

But Blair wasn't late. She was there at the agreed-upon time—7 p.m. In fact, she was ten minutes early. It was just that York Kuang and the woman had come too early.

York Kuang immediately asked the waiter to bring out the food. Then, he pulled a chair for Blair in a gentlemanly way. "Please sit down, Miss Jing."


Blair began to chat with York Kuang since she had no idea why Stella Zhuge was even here.

In Room 888

Damon noticed the gloomy and contemplative look on Wesley's face. He actively sat down next to the officer, clapped him on the arm, and asked in a playful voice, "Hey, Colonel Li, what's up? You look seriously down. What's the matter? Maybe I can help."


ew each other. Classmates, huh?"

"Yes. We were in the same class for three years."

"Well..." York Kuang asked tentatively, "So if there's a job with double your salary and better benefits waiting for you, would you consider changing companies?"

Blair didn't show much interest in the offer. But nothing got past Stella Zhuge. She eyed Blair up and down while thinking, 'She's just a translator. What's so good about her? Why does the general manager of TS Group have to wine and dine her? He even offers to double her salary?!'

Blair took a sip of the red wine. She pretended she didn't know his true intention. "No, I don't think that's a good idea. I'm really happy working with Orion. And being happy every day is much more important than having a high-paid job. I love my job."

"Sure, you have a point." York Kuang thought it was unnecessary to beat around the bush anymore. Tapping the table with his fingers, he looked at Blair and said sincerely, "Miss Jing, what about a salary of a million a year, and a swanky apartment downtown? Come to work for us, and we'll offer you bonuses, dividends, on-site healthcare, a gym and restaurants in the building, travel insurance, and all sorts of other benefits. What do you think?"

Blair felt flattered. She was just a translator. Orion had already offered her a good salary and benefits. She didn't expect the TS Group would be even more generous. However, she didn't want to work for them. Putting down her glass of red wine, she looked at him with gratitude and declined, "Thank you, but..."

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